What If You Were in Charge Of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo?

Those "What Ifs" that are often on people's minds? What if YOU were in charge of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony?

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Vengeance113850d ago

Literally all 3 companies would tank and go bankrupt if ANYONE from the internet took over. Business sense would go completely out the door and all games would be free or $1.
Extremely niche and low revenue franchises would also keep getting sequels, because "nostalgia".

sourOG49d ago

Lmao absolutely.

I think all 3 are killing it. I wouldn’t change much.

I wanted MS to build a first party, they did. I wanted Sony to utilize their first party, they did. I’m indifferent on Nintendo but apparently people are liking what they do.

Sonic-and-Crash49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

if i was Sony i would buy Crash Bandicoot and give it to Asobi Team ....and that would be the end of story for any platformer on any console

Also i would "color swap" Days Gone to make it a game with dinosaur-men or mutants or aliens but with same exact horde and open world for LoUS i would reboot the part 2 keeping Joel alive (relieving Druckman from direction)

if was MS i would fire anyone that is working on Halo and cannt make a game to even touch the original Halo CE (on Xbox),,,and i would build a whole new team from people who really know from game art and designing (the move that bought Id was smart as they saw DOOM w betteras FPS than HALo 4-5)

VenomUK49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

If I was in charge of Nintendo I’d stop making boring family-friendly Zelda and Mario games and focus on hentai visual novels.

If I was in charge of Sony I would move exclusively into making pinball games based on Sony IP starting with an Uncharted pinball machine, based not on the video games but the upcoming Tom Holland movie.

If I was Microsoft I would maintain the same level of investment in first party games that has been invested over the past decade and I would greenlight a new Gears of War, Halo spin-off and Forza game.

sourOG49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

lol you had me with the uncharted pinball machine until you said based on the movie. An Uncharted pinball machine could be dope if Konami made it.

-Foxtrot50d ago

Sony, I'd buy Bluepoint, expand them a little, split them into two teams, one is the core team that would work on the remakes and the other team would work on new IPs. I'd probably have it so we'd decide early what franchise we;d want to revive, lets take Legend of Dragoon for example, get Bluepoint to do a full on faithful remake, so we could prepare people for the sequel we'd have another studio developing. This would be the go to process for reviving old franchises going forward, to test the waters and see if it's worth continuing them. Franchises would consist of Legend of Dragoon, Syphon Filter, Croc, Ape Escape etc. Also Sony needs a good survival horror franchise and a RPG one like Elder Scrolls / Witcher so I'd want to work on that.

I'd go on for the others but I don't want walls of text, would have to say it would be nice for Nintendo to update their online store and add an achievement / trophy system in the form of Nintendo Stars / Stamps.

excaliburps49d ago

This actually ain't bad. Yeah, I'd get Bluepoint if I was Sony too.

Timzster49d ago

Seconding that Bluepoint suggestion. I REALLY want them to use the company to bring the old franchises and rerelease stuff they did already like MGS HD and an improved Silent Hill HD.

Kane2249d ago

why does sony need a survival horror game?

-Foxtrot49d ago

Why not?

It's nice to have variety

Gamist2dot050d ago

Just for the fun of it:
Xbox: You see those quality made games from Sony? Do the same for your first party games and heavily support 3rd party. Fund for exclusive DLC.

Sony: Keep up the good work, but continue to support 3rd party on exclusive DLC.

Nintendo: Continue on quality games and on handhelds.

All three: release 1st party games to other platforms 2 years later with improvements.

Activision49d ago

Microsoft already supports 3rd party games, why waste money on funding for exclusive DLCs when you can release 3rd party games on Xbox Game Pass, on day one via Funding

Nitrowolf249d ago (Edited 49d ago )

3rd party dlc exclusive is dumb imo, people buying the same game yet one party gets shafted. Hate it

And they’re usually not even that big of a thing

chiefJohn11749d ago

All 3 sound like BS under you thank God you're not in charge. Dude wanna keep 3rd party content away from other smh.

strayanalog49d ago

I'd have their respective heads of each company remake the N64 Super Smash Brothers commercial, before then letting them continue to run their own companies as before.

BrainSyphoned49d ago

I'd cash out my CEO benefit package and retire. I'd hate to change how things normally work.

Popsicle49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This is exactly what I would do since I know nothing of running any of these companies. Take my package and go sit on the beach. They would likely save more money by giving me a benefits package rather than letting me run the company. LOL

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