Nintendo Switch Outsells Xbox 360 Worldwide

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360, according to VGChartz estimates.

The Switch sold 407,230 units for the week ending May 22, 2021 to bring its lifetime sales to 86.10 million units. This compares to the Xbox 360 with sales of 85.80 million units. The figure for the Switch includes the combined sales of the original Switch model and the Switch Lite.

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darthv72180d ago

This was expected. Next up... PS3. Switch keeps on climbing that ladder of success, but where will it stop? Will it make it into the 100m+ club or fall just short?

septemberindecember179d ago

It's definitely going to hit 100M, and should do so by the end of the year.

trunkswd179d ago

Agreed it should top 100 million by the end of the year and outsell the Wii and PS1. After that is the PS4, Game Boy, DS, then PS2.


It'll make it. Wonderful console assuming you know what you're getting into. Looking forward to Project Triangle Strategy, SMT 5, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Bayonetta 3, and Breath of the Wild 2.

trunkswd179d ago

The Switch should be passing the PS3 by the end of June. The Switch has a chance of topping the DS and PS2 depending on how long Nintendo supports it.

phoenixwing179d ago

when the pro gets announced we'll see whether it counts along with the other models or if it's its own thing

darthv72179d ago

I dont see why it would be any different. PS4/Pro are combined. Series X|S are combined. Even looking as the DS it is DS/Lite/DSi/DSiXL combined.

BrainSyphoned179d ago

They are adding all models in so if they add in a pro model it is going cruise past that mark.

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crxss179d ago

360 has so many sales since everyone had to buy at least 2. thanks RROD.

porkChop179d ago

Mine broke 3 times. It was replaced for free every time. All 360s came with a free 3 year warranty.

darthv72179d ago

I have 17, not because of RRoD though, but because I wanted them. The only one I had with RRoD was my launch edition pro but that got fixed for free (twice). After the 2nd time I switched to using a slim and that has been solid as a rock. It was only recently retired when i got my Series S a couple months ago. I mainly used it for collecting the GwG 360 games each month.

Knightofelemia179d ago


I had 3 RROD's and 2 disc carvers Microsoft sent me 5 refurbished 360's I said fuck it and traded the system in at Gamestop.

iplay1up2179d ago

Switch pro is coming. Switch combined sales will outsell all past consoles. It is already showing it will. I have the OG Switch, and will absolutely buy Switch Pro. I mostly play on TV. There have been plenty of times I have played in handheld mode. It is nice to be able to continue my game on the go. I can't wait to see what Nintendo does with Switch Pro! So far we know Switch pro is 4 K enabled, but is that strictly docked? Or could the new screen be 4K ready? If so CAN'T WAIT

buffig179d ago

Not exactly like for like in comparing it to dedicated home consoles, seeing as the switch really replaces the 3DS too. People will buy a switch as a hand held for each member of the family etc. People upgrading their 3DS will do so for the switch. Kudos to Nintendo for shifting so many units, but it's not an entirely fair comparison.

Paleblood179d ago

Totally agree. The comparison here is about a device who runs in the hand held market + dedicated console market versus another device who only runs on the dedicated console market. Not fair at all and that's why I believe Switch should not be compared to Xbox or Playstation.

Sgt_Slaughter179d ago

That's not how this works and this is a bad faith argument.

Switch is a home console, end of story.

plmkoh179d ago

I am a long time investor of Nintendo, so I put the money where my mouth is.

It's a common point investors make that Nintendo has cannibalized it's own sales because the Switch sales by unit doesn't exceed 3DS+Wii U or DS+Wii.

It's why the stock price moves very slowly relative to big earnings surprises. It's forward multiple of earnings is low because many paper hands fear the unsustainable earnings relative to the undiversified platform Nintendo has this time. Yes they are wrong every time but it is always brought up. Gamers however might refuse to see that reality however.

DefaultComment179d ago

You? a Nintendo investor? yeah right buddy, I'm sure you got lots of free time to come to n4g to care about Nintendo articles.

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