Review: Demeo (Oculus Quest) | JumpCut PLAY

The setting of D&D game that Demeo presents, is truly a wholly unique and refreshing gaming experience for the VR market.

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melindalucia844d ago

I haven't had a chance to try this game yet. What is your comment?


Demeo Co-op Review: A Cross-Play Digital Board Game [Co-Optimus]

"Demeo is a cooperative fantasy-themed board game from Resolution Games. After enjoying a period of early access on PC and VR platforms, the game fully launched on Steam and PlayStation 5 this year. Demeo’s appeal is clear, combining the depth and challenge of a modern board game with RPG-lite mechanics and feel, a high degree of immersion, and online cross-play between all available platforms. It’s a recipe for cooperative fun, marred only by overly long play sessions and an unnecessarily high degree of difficulty," says Co-Optimus.

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The 7 Best VR RPG Games

Looking for an epic new adventure in virtual reality? Here are the seven best VR RPG games you should play.

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PSVR2 Review: Demeo | intheGame

InTheGame: Demeo is a strategic game that has many similarities with dungeons and dragons. Gamers should not sleep on this game and I will explain why.

Demeo brings a lot to the virtual table: Crossplay? Check. Beautiful graphics? Check. Online gaming between VR players and non-VR players? Check. The whole game is very well put together, ensuring many hours of fun.

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