Resident Evil Village Fans Spot Crazy New Detail About Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village fans have spotted an indredible Easter Egg in the game that shows just how much attention to detail Capcom has.

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FPSFox54d ago

I love things like this. Details that'll be missed by 99% of the players but is there for the super observant / someone who digs for more.

roadkillers54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I seen this and think it is just recycling the stairs every three steps as a developer..

If you want a cool attention to detail, Angie (the doll) has a throbbing cadou on the right side of her face. If you break the game and are able to get past the mask, you will see it throbbing like a heart. Also, that's where Ethan stabs her with the scissors.

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sourOG53d ago

It wasn’t a jab lol. He’s saying asset is 3 stairs and it’s duplicated and stacked on top of each other with added detail. Saying every 3rd step is worn because of her stride makes sense but it’s probably just an accident.

roadkillers53d ago

@sourog exactly

It's cool, but generally everything in games are recycled content. Not every individual piece of grass is made from scratch, they recycle the grass, mishape it, then generally put them in a way where it is not recognizable.

It might be more attention to detail, but really nothing amazing.. like I said, I'm fuessing that the three steps were recycled and that's why every third step looks familiar or the same.

sourOG53d ago

People get butthurt over the dumbest shit lol. Like it’s not common practice to reuse assets. How dare you claim they didn’t craft every stair by hand?! F***ing weird lol

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SDuck54d ago

wow that is in fact a really cool detail

sourOG54d ago

I bet they didn’t do that on purpose lol. It’s a nice detail either way, on purpose or accident.

SDuck53d ago

With the time you spend modeling the maps, you'd be surprised how much details you can think of throughout the proccess

sourOG53d ago

Resident evil owns that visual style and has for a long time. It’s why I love it. She’s great. like the article says it’s just conjecture. I think it’s possible that it was on purpose, It’s nice detail either way.

TheEnigma31354d ago

Get a real woman and stop obsessing about a video game woman

Wretchedstain54d ago

Stop preaching, start teaching

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BioShockGX53d ago

I was gonna do that until Samsung introduced us to their waifu

Kakashi Hatake53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Agreed. Heisenberg was a better more fleshed out lord. I hate gamer stereotypes but the hype around Dimitrescu is pretty embarrassing as a gamer. Makes it look like gamers can't get girlfriends.

SDuck53d ago

I never understood why she blew up as much as it did. her daughters are hotter imo

Yui_Suzumiya53d ago

I actually like Angie the most 😆

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Smok9153d ago

Lol what? How do you NOT notice the stairs

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