Switch Sells 407K, PS5 Sells 193K, XS Sells 106K - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for May 16-22

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 407,230 units sold for the week ending May 22, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 86.10 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 193,279 units to bring its lifetime sales to 8.64 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 106,143 units to bring their lifetime sales to 5.12 million units.

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darthv72116d ago

That's quite an uptick for the X|S. That is 10k+ more than the previous week. PS5 dropped slightly by 30k but still doing a bang up job moving units. Switch dropped by 15k+ but still holds the top spot.

trunkswd116d ago

The main reason for the PS5 drop is it launched in China the previous week, which caused a bump in sales.

darthv72116d ago

Oh yeah, forgot it was releasing in China. I think the X|S is releasing in China next week as well.

porkChop116d ago

I wouldn't read much into the sales difference. Both the PS5 and the Series X are selling out near instantly.

septemberindecember116d ago

86.10M units puts the Switch above the 360. If Switch keeps up this pace it will outsell the PS3 in 3-4 weeks. Then it's all eyes on the Wii.

iplay1up2116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Great job Nintendo. Now if PS5 and Series Xbox were regularly available at MSRP, the numbers would be much higher for both. Amazon gets both PS5 and Series X, but not for less than $1000. I am lucky I got a Series X, in January. I don't even count Series S. Most people would want the X. At least the digital PS5 has the same specs as the disk version. Microsoft shouldn't have made the S. IMHO.

JEECE116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

It does seem like they slightly overestimated demand for the S compared to the X. Both sell out, but the S will sometimes remain in stock on MS's store or at Walmart for hours, while the X, like the PS5, never lasts more than a minute or two. Then again, I have no way of assessing how much easier it is to produce. I'd think it would be subject to many of the same supply constraints as the other units, but I could be wrong.

Darkborn116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Literally right now the S is available on my sams club app for my store. It's in stock and it's been like that most of the day. I added it to my cart and just looked at it. When a ps5 goes in stock anywhere the website it's on crashes for a while.

anast116d ago

The SX is discounted in the Walmart where I am at. They had to discount it to move it.

JEECE116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

@Darkborn and anast

This is what I call the "Stacks at my Best Buy" situation. Anytime an item is in demand and selling out online, someone has always seen "stacks" of the item at their Best Buy (the suggestion being that it isn't actually as in demand as people are saying). This happened with Oculus Quest when it was out of stock online, and I remember it with PS4 Pro as well. The issue I have with this is that even if it's true (and I don't doubt either of you in this case), it doesn't say anything about overall demand, it just says that it has been distributed inefficiently. To me, if the online stores can't keep it in stock, the demand is there.

Orchard116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

@anast No one believes your Walmart is discounting Xbox Series consoles… don’t talk BS.

Which store and I will call and ask?

@Darkborn which sam’s club?

116d ago
Orchard115d ago

Notice how I never got the details about the mythical Walmart store with the discounted Series consoles!

Geez, it's almost like it doesn't exist.

JEECE115d ago (Edited 115d ago )


The thing is, it doesn't matter if it does exist. Literally there could be a stack of PS5s at Best Buy at a shopping mall in rural Nebraska right now, but even if there is, it proves nothing about overall demand. I've never understood why, when an item sells out online (where everyone can access it regardless of location), the fact that it isn't sold out in one physical store that services an area of 150,000 people is supposed to be evidence of a lack overall demand. If it sells out online, demand is outstripping supply, period.

Orchard115d ago

@JEECE Agreed. It's very likely that some units are in stock at certain retail locations and that means nothing for overall demand.

I just found it comical that one of the guys above thought we would genuinely believe next gen consoles are being sold at a discount because people aren't buying them.

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DFresh116d ago

I got my PS5 Physical Edition arriving tomorrow and I know a plug 🔌 to get the Xbox Series X eventually down the road.

Darkborn116d ago

Nice man, have fun on your new system and make sure to try astros playroom. I had to platinum it because it was pretty amazing.

EverydayJoe116d ago

I did too, I still need to get my speed runs under 7mins, but I am damn close to double 100%

116d ago
King_Noctis115d ago

Congratulations dude, just in time for Rachet and Clank.

116d ago
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