Forget business sense, Sony’s cross-gen U-turn is disappointing for PS5’s potential

From VGC: "Last year PlayStation architect Mark Cerny held a lengthy PS5 tech talk, in which he explained why accommodating last-gen hard drives “can sabotage the game that the developer is trying to create.” And that’s exactly why many users are disappointed by the news that Sony‘s upcoming blockbusters will target cross-gen releases.

Tucked away in the middle of a new interview with PlayStation Studios boss Herman Hulst published on Wednesday was the bombshell that two of Sony’s flagship next-gen games, Gran Turismo 7 and the next God of War, are also in development for PS4."

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Neonridr110d ago

It's true, I was hoping to see the full potential of the PS5 from their first party studios. No doubt the game will still be fantastic, but MS got a lot of flak from people for "holding games back" by supporting the older models.

VenomUK110d ago

VGC celebrates Xbox cross platform games but says it a problem with PlayStation? By all means have your own opinion but it should be consistent for all platforms.

Neonridr110d ago

do they? I wouldn't know, I don't read these guys work. I was more or less referring to around N4G the flak was pretty substantial. But judging from other people's reactions on other articles, it seems there are many people disappointed with the continued support of last gen. Good for those who maybe can't upgrade yet, as they will still get some awesome titles, but sort of sucks for the PS5 owners as they aren't truly getting that full next-gen experience yet.

TripleAAARating110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

LOL man, you guys get your panties in a bunch a bit too quick... People seem to forget R&C Rift apart is a PS5 EXCLUSIVE and it's set to be take to crown of the BEST looking console game from another exclusive the Demon's Soul remake.... so this illegitimate "concern" about developers taking full advantage of the hardware mere MONTHS into this new generation is a bit premature and pathetic to me.
Yes I agree that SONY has a bit of a communication problem, but guys the generation has just started, patience is virtue... lol.

dumahim110d ago

In general, yes, but in this situation I think it isn't really about their takes on cross-generation support, but more on the messaging and how they're communicating it.

Say what you will about al the BS that comes out of MS, at least they were up front about their plan for cross-gen support. Sony on the other hand, "We believe in generations" and "This is a PS5 game" only to later quietly mention it's also coming to PS4.

KillBill110d ago

IGN basically did the opposite for Xbox and PlayStation. Difference being that Xbox has always been upfront about it while Sony treated Xbox announcing their strategy as something bad compared to what they are doing.

IRetrouk110d ago

Ms got flack for saying no next gen only titles for the next two years, jim said they believe in generations but in the exact same interview he also talks about how important the ps4 community is...... have sony not provided both cross gen and next gen know games? If so, wheres the lie?

S2Killinit110d ago

To be fair MS actually has a bigger problem in this sense because MS has an additional “current gen” console that holds back SX, in the SS. AND their last gen consoles include the least powerful denomination in the OG xbox one.

So if this is a problem for PS5, then xbox has an even bigger problem.

glennhkboy110d ago

It was the Sony communality that said BC will hold back game development. It is also the Sony communality that currently say the BC WILL NOT hold back PS game development. So Sony communality, please make up your mind.

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jznrpg110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

MS hasn’t been supporting anything . Not one first party game out until whenever Halo comes out . And the only other game was a timed exclusive dud the Medium

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TheProblem110d ago

News Flash!

In a few days Sony is about to release its 4th PS5 exclusive in 7 months.

There is no U turn

dumahim110d ago

Ok, and then what comes next that's PS5 only? They start out having PS5 only games and for the foreseeable future, everything else is cross-gen.

Tacoboto110d ago

Sony and MS are neck-and-neck when it comes to the quantity of games with dedicated next-gen versions. Xbox Game Studios actually has more released so far.

10 - Halo MCC, Gears 5 and Tactics, Ori, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4, Grounded, Minecraft Dungeons, State of Decay 2. Soon to be Flight Simulator

8 - Spider-Man: MM & Remastered, Demon's Souls, Sackboy, Destruction, Returnal, Astro's Playroom. Soon to be Ratchet & Clank.

Games being "exclusive" to the new-gen only matters and is something you care to cling to because Jim Ryan convinced you to think that mattered when he lied to you last year. Fact is, both are doing a damn good job out the gate supporting the new gen, both are actively supporting the previous gen, but only one deliberately misled you.

StoneyYoshi110d ago

"Ok, and then what comes next that's PS5 only?"

Deathloop (timed exclusive but still a next-gen only game)
Ghostwire: tokyo (another timed exclusive but still next-gen only)
Forespoken in 2022
FF16 in 2022 maybe 2023
And thats all we really know of so far until we hear more announcements later this month.

TheProblem110d ago


That’s one of the stupidest most biased comments I’ve ever seen. Nearly every Xbox game you listed is YEARS old.

Every game you listed on PS5 apart from Spider-Man remastered has been released since November last year.

Second most of the Xbox games listed doesn’t have a dedicated next gen version. They have a backwards compatibility boost. Many more PS5 games have the same boost but you failed to list them.

You even listed gears 5 DLC separately. Spider-Man remastered had about 3 pieces of DLC

MS has done a very poor job of supporting the new console

Tacoboto110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Gears Tactics is a strategy game, not the Hivebusters DLC, and all 10 of the games I listed are released as Optimized for Series X|S titles.

They are not part of the 97 BC titles that offer boosted framerates. Maybe you should think twice before declaring something to be stupid.

Teflon02110d ago

You act like Sony announced the 25+ first party games in development lol. Demon Souls, Destruction All-Stars, Returnal and Ratchet are proof in itself that this is overblown BS

Knushwood Butt110d ago

I want to see more PS5 exclusives too but Hermen did say 25 games in development and half are new IPs so hopeful that many of them are PS5 exclusive.

Neonridr110d ago

I mean if we are saying Astrobot and a remake of a PS3 game qualify that's setting the bar pretty low. Both are great games, but c'mon.

outsider1624110d ago

Calm down will you..they already released Demons souls..A NEXT GEN remake...yes of an old game but completely remade ground up for the PS5. Returnal, and next R&C. Then you have your third parties too.

What's next for Ms series? Anything? No dates no nothing and yet Sony gets called out even after releasing TRUE NEXT GEN games on their Console.

WillyC009109d ago


Sure hope you’re this strongly negative towards Microsoft releasing literally ZERO titles. I’m guessing no.

Chevalier109d ago


Neck and neck then you listed games from 2 years ago? Lol. No we're talking about since launch.

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Father__Merrin110d ago

The problem is miscrosoft is permenantly tied to the series s unless they discontinue it.

In sonys case this is until user base transfers over Sony will have more ps5 games than xbox will have series x games

darthv72110d ago

But the Series S is still a leap above the one x in terms of processing power. They cant be equated simply by the specs. The Series S is like the LS version of a car while the Series X is the LX. both in the same class but one has more power and options. That doesnt mean the lesser is a lemon and should be avoided.

you know it first hand that the S is a good system so you dont need to talk crap to save face.

BlackTar187110d ago

The problem boils down to how much money MS pumps into the media for these crap type of articles and yes even these opinion pieces.

CaptainHenry916110d ago

Rachet and Clank is out next week and will take advantage of the full potential of the PS5

Sitdown110d ago

In what generation has a game come out in the 1st year that took full advantage of the hardware?

darthv72110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

The only things it can take advantage of is the SSD (for loading the rift jumps) and the controller feedback. otherwise the game is very possible on the PS4 as well. They built it using the PS4 assets and worked up from there.

@IR You think they didnt use ANYTHING to start with when crafting this game???

IRetrouk110d ago

Stop lying darth, r and c was built for the ps5 only, no ps4 assets at know its true Steve, remember when you tried to tell the devs themselves this too? Stop being silly.

IRetrouk110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

The devs themselves have said multiple times now, even yesterday that it's a ground up build for the ps5...get over it steve🤷‍♂️
But then again, you know more than them, eh?🤦‍♂️🤣

darthv72110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

@IR You know that ground up can be very loosely defined. Like I said, they had something to start with already in the can and worked up from there. And I guess I do know more than you, seeing as I called it on both GoW and GT7 before they were officially revealed to be crossgen.

I feel honored you follow me on twitter. I'll take the pat on the back, thank you very much.

Michiel1989110d ago

@darth i dont think that is true, they can just develop it for a pc with specs that they expected the ps5 to have and work from there. These guys arent stupid and are in close communication with Sony. This game was probably planned as a ps5 launch title from the get go and if they allready knew it would have a super fast ssd, they would also have a rough estimate of the consoles power.

IRetrouk110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Again the devs have stated they started dev on ps5 from the ground up, there is no reused assets, no version running on a ps4 dev kit.
Like it or don't, but the devs know more than you do about their own game🤷‍♂️

Plenty of people called those games as cross gen from they were announced, even on this site, you were not the only one lol

Also I don't follow you, I came across you in the insomniac thread, the only pat on the back you got off me was as I was laughing my ass off at your audacity to tell the devs how they made their game🤣

darthv72110d ago

@Michiel, given that a dev kit is generally a PC based on similar specs, that is very possible. And also because both PS4 and 5 dev kits are x86, chances are they run the same software. which means the code and assets used in the creation of the PS4 game can very easily be imported to a PS5 kit and then reworked from there. The game can still be considered "from the ground up" but also utilize the existing assets they already put the man hours into creating.

You dont just shitcan that work and start over. You use what you got to help cut down on development time, $$ and resources. The 5 kits were revealed less than 2 years ago. For them to get this up and running so quickly implies they did just that. Used what they had and went from there.

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SinisterKieran110d ago

TripleAAARating rachet and clank might be the only exclusive ps5 AAA game we get this year. let that sink in.

StoneyYoshi110d ago

Theres Returnal too but whats your point? lol Better than having 0.

Knushwood Butt110d ago

I'm still playing Returnal.

Got up to what I think is the last boss!

Also have Ratchet pre-ordered.

If I didn't have these to play I'd have more incentive to complain in an entitled manner.

neutralgamer1992110d ago

This is the definition of FAKE RAGE like the time internet wanted Jim Ryan fired haha 😅

Demon souls
Spider man
Ratchet and clank

I guess no next generation games but there is another next generation console with absolutely no games but they do have a service where you could play old games so I guess that's next generation 🤪

Neonridr110d ago

Spiderman isn't exclusive to PS4 though. Demon Souls is a remake of a PS3 game, and FF7 is DLC. Ratchet and Clank is the only thing there you said that makes sense.

talocaca110d ago

Then again....Microsoft showed up with Craig 😅

The Xbox One is the weakest of the consoles by far so that doesn't really help.

110d ago
outsider1624110d ago

Makes you think Jim kept quiet and let MS get the flak purposely. Lmao. And after it piped down..silently let it out that they too are supporting older models. Lol...that evil genius.

WillyC009109d ago

Microsoft release new games? When has that happened? Hahaha

fei-hung109d ago

Shit show of an article really. Sony never said they won't make cross gen games, they only said they believe in generations. The idiot media then and now are doing the crazy reaching thinking "we believe in generations" equals no next gen games on their other consoles.

Their response was essentially to MS who said they don't believe in generations as they were going to release every game across the family of Xbox consoles (how they had described it). Essentially, no one gets left behind. This was part of their pitch for smart delivery how games will automatically scale between generations.

109d ago
LoveSpuds109d ago

Xbox has a policy that all their games must be cross gen, PlayStation does not. I have platinum trophies in Astrobot, Demons Souls and I am working on Returnal at the moment whilst I wait for Ratchet and Clank to arrive next week.

You can try and play these titles down all you want, but I can tell you now, they are incredible on PS5. Practically zero loading times dramatically changes the Souls experience for me in respect of it not being so frustrating, for example, not to mention how insane an audio visual experience it was.

Believing in generations never meant they were cutting PS4 adrift to me, it simply meant business as usual, as it has been with every gen. A mix of exclusives and cross gen for a while until the current gen is firmly established.

DarXyde109d ago

I see your point in being disappointed, but in Sony's case, they've really been having a rough go of it with supply. When they sort that out, yeah, focus on PS5. Until then, I can't really say it's terrible. I think Xbox's 2 year window is going to be a similar thing on PS5.

Zeref109d ago

Does Horizon Forbidden West look held back to you?

Neonridr109d ago

yes. Imagine if it was made from the ground up for the PS5? My mind races at the thought. It'll still be a great game, so no real problem there.

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Limitedtimestruggle110d ago

The cross-gen stuff keeps dragging on...

RaidenBlack110d ago

"Gran Turismo 7, after all, was outright advertised as a PS5 exclusive in December, although to be fair to Sony, I understand the decision to release a PS4 version was made only fairly recently. For Horizon Forbidden West and God of War, however, these games were always intended to release as cross-gen titles, I was told, but Sony did not mention the last-gen console during the announcement of either title."

Eonjay110d ago

Plans change. It was PS5 now it's both. Cry me a river guys. And looking at the current climate I think it was appropriate to change course.

aconnellan110d ago


It seems like you didn’t read the comment, so I’m going to copy/paste it for you:

“For Horizon Forbidden West and God of War, however, these games were always intended to release as cross-gen titles, I was told, but Sony did not mention the last-gen console during the announcement of either title”

The point is that plans didn’t change, and they specifically banked on the fact that people were upset at MS over ‘holding back next gen’ and specifically omitted the very real and very planned PS4 versions in order to push for the PS5. A lie by omission is still a lie.

wwinterj110d ago

The biggest issue here is the PS5 and Xbox series X/S are in short supply. It only makes sense for corporations to support older systems until this problem is fixed.

Knushwood Butt110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

They are in short supply but PS5 is selling faster than PS4.

Still, with 110 million and counting PS4s out there - more than the competition, it makes sense to support the platform.

I'm fortune to have both, but I will be extremely annoyed if GT7 on PS5 is nerfed in any way to achieve parity with the PS4 version. In other words, if Polyphony have to sacrifice their vision.

outsider1624110d ago

"They are in short supply but PS5 is selling faster than PS4"

Even if it's selling faster, 110+ million is still a huge difference to 10+ million.

But yeah I'd agree with you if they nerfed it for parity. So i hoped they started work on Ps5 first with all the bells and whistles without any compromise and then downgrade it for ps4.

DOMination-109d ago

"Even if it's selling faster, 110+ million is still a huge difference to 10+ million."

Are you suggesting that Sony originally planned only for PS5 exclusives as they were expecting to sell 110m PS5s by now but as they've "only" sold 10m in 8 months they've changed their minds?

That isn't how it works.

The Semiconductor shortages didn't even affect Sony that much. It was car companies who were ruined because they cancelled a lot of their orders thinking that nobody would need to buy cars being in lockdown (and early sales reflected this decision making) and then when sales bounced, they had to re-place orders and join the back of the queue.

I honestly don't think Sony would have produced that many more PS5s. They've shipped 10m+ in half a year, that's more than any other console in that period of time. If there was no pandemic, Sony wouldn't have magically made 30 million units. Each chip takes _months_ to manufacture, and as I mentioned above, Sony never lost their place in the queue and on top of that, it's absolute terrible business sense to have a massive supply of product. Just go and ask Nintendo and Rolex on that trick.

Limitedtimestruggle110d ago

“We have always said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to all the trouble of creating a next-gen console, that it should include features and benefits that the previous generation does not include. And that, in our view, people should make games that can make the most of those features.” Jim Ryan

It's funny how MS got all the flack when they kept on proclaiming this cross-gen stuff. And now Sony seems to be doing exactly the same thing.

Oh well! I'm sure the games will be absolutely amazing anyways, but still...

dazsarge110d ago

He also said this in the same interview- "We have always felt that we had a responsibility to serve that [PS4] community for several years after the launch of PS5 and that it represented a huge business opportunity for us”. “The numbers are quite straightforward. If you say in broad brush figures that we have a community of 100 million PS4 owners right now, and in the first couple of years […] I don't know, somewhere between 15 and 25 million might migrate to PS5, that still leaves a huge number of people with PS4s.”

IRetrouk110d ago

Yeah they won't want to acknowledge that at all, it goes against the whole lying ryan shtick they pushing, quite funny to watch though I have to admit.

aconnellan110d ago

You can go back to articles on N4G at that time and see many people point out that exact fact - but they were downvoted and drowned out by the crowd who decided the “generations” quote was more important because it went against what MS was saying about cross-gen.

For every person that would point out MS and Sony were going to do the same thing by supporting cross-gen, you would have another 5 who vehemently deny it and say there’s no way Sony would do what MS is.

I agree with IRetrouk that this has been really funny, but I suspect for different reasons

IRetrouk110d ago

Not sure about others but my issue was ms having no next gen only games at all for the first two years, not cross gen games themselves, nothing that Sony released has gone against what was said, they have supported ps4 and also made ps5 only content too, even the cross gen stuff has ps5 exclusive features, this is what I find funny.

DarthMarvin110d ago

They can serve the PS4 community with games that aren't blockbuster AAA titles.

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Darkborn110d ago

And the ps5 has a duelsense controller that has multiple NEW features and a NEW 3D audio with the NEW Tempest engine. It also had added effects like the newer water and particle effects that the ps4 version can barely use in cutscenes, while it will be on full effect the entire time on the ps5. Those are added features, along with almost no loading time. I am also disappointed that it's coming to ps4, but you can't say it's going to be the same exact version. Come back when Microsoft actually innovates something instead of copying every other company. Didn't Phil say he wants to look into haptic feedback? Didn't he copy ps now with gamepass, although its a bit different now.

Highrevz110d ago

No one with an xbox is upset about anything Microsoft is or isn’t doing, so why are you? If people wanted a ps5 with the features it has then don’t you think they would be buying one🙈

His point is right and Sony did start of making the ps5 seem like it was a more urgent purchase for players and now cross gen is very much needed for some people.

Chill out and play something on PSNow while you wait for R&C.

Darkborn110d ago

Lmao OK. So the past 8 years of Xbox was amazing right? Go beat crackdown 3 for the 10th time then. I understand that the strategy of sony has changed recently, but the strategy of every company in the world also changed in the past year, maybe you heard something about it in the news.

Highrevz110d ago

The last 8 years for me have been great but most of that time I did spend on my Xbox over all other platforms. I enjoyed crackdown 3 also so thank you but what I didn’t do was expect it to be any more fun then the first 2 games are, I feel sorry for people that believed it would be any different.

Xbox has had my online needs sorted aswell as some offline games, I’ve played everything you already have on PlayStation,Nintendo or PC and more so I’m not missing out on anything.

I don’t even know what to say about the other part of your comment but there’s been a lot of change from all companies and right now is a nice place to be gaming with an even more exciting future ahead.

Your hostile attitude isn’t going to benefit you or your console preferences.

Limitedtimestruggle110d ago

I have no interest in Xbox this generation, no reason to own one as I have a powerful PC. I opted for Sony as always.

JustTheFax110d ago

You learned those bullet points on the side of the box really well like a good consumer! hahaha damn

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SinisterKieran110d ago

yep...and now sony is getting a lot of flack for it too. they most definitely are from reading twitter, reddit and even on this site.