Hands On: NEO The World Ends With You Has Us Caught In A Twister - NL

From Nintendo Life: "If you were a Kingdom Hearts kid back in 2008, you probably played or at least had ambitions to try out The World Ends With You on DS. Between its sharp, stylized visuals, pull no punches attitude, a bopping soundtrack, and the way it utilized touch and button controls, there's plenty of reason it sits very high on our Best DS games list. Without going into spoiler territory, the story takes some interesting turns and left fans eagerly wanting more even after it was over. Back in 2010, the game’s character designer Tetsuya Nomura mentioned in an interview that he’d love to make a new game in the series when the time is right.

So 13 years on, after character appearances in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and a remake, we’re finally getting the full-on sequel we’ve been dreaming of with NEO: The World Ends With You."

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