Horizon Forbidden West will reward you for investing in its world, weapons, and characters

Guerrilla Games gives us new details on Horizon Forbidden West, the ambitious PS5 release that's taking Aloy on her most challenging mission yet

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Lore239d ago

Not to sound negative, but this is what was promised of the previous game however it was not the case at all.

zumlauf14239d ago

You're not wrong. Outside of HZD's story, the side quests were meaningless and hardly rewarding. Not to mention the lackluster forgettable cast within those quests(including the main story). The plot is what shined in that game. There were no characters worth "investing" in.

Lore238d ago

Thank you. Someone who actual understands speaks up. Too many fanboys on here it’s sad.

To add to your perspective. There was no purpose to explore the world other than collectibles. They really need to take a page from games like Ys IX, Final Fantasy, etc.

zacfoldor238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Iteration is key to improvement. I'm sure GG had to learn a lot in the game cycle from part 1, just to learn how to make a game like this in the first place. I'd guess they had to learn much less for part 2 and could concentrate on the content and not the tools. The infrastructure for building and patching this type of game was already there this time. The bugs that pop up and ingenious ways to handle them already known, now, unlike before. Here they are iterating on a previous idea instead of building one from scratch. They are now experienced and storied developers of this type of game, and they have it to do all over again to correct the errors and criticisms from the first game, along with their own pet peeves.

I expect this game to be a gigantic improvement from part 1 in a lot more ways than graphics, and that is imho. I may be wrong, but we'll see. I think we are looking at an Uncharted 2 type situation here.