New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update 1.02 Adds Cross-gen Save Transfer

Square Enix has released the Final Fantasy 7 Remake update 1.02, which adds cross-gen save transferring in preparation for the PS5 release.

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killbillvolume1250d ago

Can i make a prediction with everyone? Im guessing we are going to get about 5 games to tell a story 1 game told 24 years ago. Right now the tally is up to 2 games. Time will tell.

lellkay50d ago

This type of post again? yawn

NotoriousWhiz50d ago

*rubs eyes*

What year is it?

CrimsonWing6950d ago

Hey man if they’re equally as long, content-rich, and feel like a “complete” game I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I’d rather have an insanely long game that spans 5 discs rather than a rushed single disc story that would omit content.

andy8550d ago

As a fan of the series I'll say there's nothing wrong with that. In my opinion it wouldn't have been possible to release this as one 100GB game. It's easy to make locations when it's 1997 graphics and you're walking through each area with a top down view for 15 seconds. But when you're at ground level camera every single area would have to be fully mapped out and immensely detailed. Imagine just the Midgar areas like that, now imagine every screen in the game like that. It would be 500 GB and we probably wouldn't get a world map with the PS4 limitations, plus the fact designing all those areas would take many years.

excaliburps50d ago

Eh. I hope not. Five games, so we'll finish it when? 2030? Yeesh.

SDuck50d ago

Just reminding that 1 game was already 3-4 discs long 24 years ago so it did had the content of 4 games. Only difference here is that you have to wait for disc 2 because development is not as fast as it was before

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XxSPIDEYxX50d ago

I hope trophies automatically unlock once the saves are transferred.