No, AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution Is Not A DLSS Alternative, And Here Is Why You Should Care

AMD recently rolled out an amazing new framework called FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). While the feature will certainly help breathe new life into older GPUs, it is not a DLSS alternative and cannot be - any attempt to hype it up as a DLSS competitor would hurt the brand more than it helps.

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waverider57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Dont agree. Its an amazing tech and many studios are already saying is much, much, much easier to use then dlss.... And this is a move to the rdna3 gpu that will use even better this tech. Beside the fact that older gpu will be able to use it, even nvidia. Not just high end gamer that are a very low % in reality... So this tech is much much much better for the average gamer that is 90% of pc gamers... Thats why the hype. In consoles it will help also a lot.

RaidenBlack57d ago

You didn't read the full article, did you?

waverider57d ago

Go see moore law youtube video about it....

porkChop57d ago

Read the article. They are not the same. DLSS uses deep learning (AI), and is hardware-based. It upscales without losing any detail. In a lot of cases it actually intelligently adds detail in.

FSR doesn't use deep learning. It's basically just a standard, generic upscaler. That means that while FSR will in fact upscale the image, it will also degrade the image in the process. It'll result in blurring. The article provides some visible examples.

waverider57d ago

Again, moore law youtube video.

SierraGuy57d ago

Maybe go back and take another look. The trash comparison photos were taken from a gtx 1060.

The AMD RX 6800 XT demo looks way better than that garbage.

CaptainHenry91657d ago (Edited 57d ago )

"DLSS uses deep learning (AI), and is hardware-based"

I like the fact that it's like a cheat code that upscales the graphics and resolution. My gpu fan stays silent and cool when I enable it

57d ago
KaoticBrock55d ago

AMD is using both linear and non linear tech to achieve it's results with FSR. Maybe you should do more research and not put stock into 1 article.

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porkChop57d ago

The video you're talking about doesn't really matter regarding this topic. It talks about how FSR is easier for developers to implement. But it *doesn't* mention the differences in image quality or the differences in how FSR and DLSS work.

shuvam0957d ago

I assume this is similar to checkerboard rendering, wherein no developer input is required. I've said this time and time again, DLSS is like dark magic. It can look better than native resolution at times. Nioh 2 is a perfect example.

SirBruce56d ago

Maybe with two more years of work and DirectX/OpenGL support there will be a standard tech with IA and a DLSS killer solution. But now, it is a different game for NVIDIA and AMD+TheRestoftheIndustry.