Chivalry 2 Has Earnable and Purchasable In-Game Currencies for Microtransactions

Torn Banner Brand Director Alex Hayter recently shared some important information about the upcoming video game Chivalry 2 in regards to the two different in-game currencies.

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1nsomniac55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Like the original. I really enjoyed my time with the beta. I’ll be picking this up in the future.

Their mtx worry me though. As I’ve noticed if you preorder the game you automatically get a beast of a sword. Which tells me there might not be an awful lot of thought that goes into the balancing of these mtx’s

Reborn55d ago


It's visual. Only difference is how fast you can save/unlock the cosmetics.

Unless I missed something, what balance?

1nsomniac54d ago

I may be mistaken but that looks like a sword you have to earn first with a custom skin on it. If the beta was anything to go by you only get basic weapons for each class then you have to buy the upgraded weapons with in game currency. The pre order sword is definitely not a basic weapon.