The sequel to God of War has been delayed to 2022

Since the release of the next God of War teaser last year, we've been humbled by the amount of love our community has shown us. We're incredibly grateful to see so many people excited to experience the next chapter of Kratos and Atreus' journey...

Doge854d ago

A delay and a PS4 version ain't that surprising at all. Take your time!

Army_of_Darkness854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

"While the news of God of War’s delay and uncertainty surrounding the release window of the next Horizon title might be disappointing, Hulst made a statement about avoiding crunch at its studios. “With these things, something’s gotta give. It cannot be the quality of our titles, and it surely won’t be the health of the wellbeing of our amazing team.”

Gonna give mad respect to This Head of PlayStation Studios guy Hermen Hulst! He cares about the quality of Ps games as well as the wellbeing of his employees.


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ABizzel1853d ago

I said this from the beginning. God of War has almost always been a Spring release, and with the hardware shortages it just makes more sense to push it to Spring 2022 to get the next fiscal year started or end the 2021 fiscal year with a bang.

Horizon is the only concern now, it could be a holiday 2021 release, but I wouldn't be surprised if they move it to an early 2022 title like Janurary / February. Regardless just release these great games in good conditions when they're ready, and I can't wait to see the performance jump we get 2 - 3 years down the road with games already looking as good as they are, when the SSD's are being utilized to stream worlds, and resolution scaling.

bouzebbal853d ago

No worries, I actually thought 2021 was too soon for a God of War especially when they haven't shown much..
This year we got Returnal, next is Ratchet then Horizon.. GT7 hopefully later this year

hectorius853d ago

bouzebbal9h ago
No worries, I actually thought 2021 was too soon for a God of War especially when they haven't shown much..
This year we got Returnal, next is Ratchet then Horizon.. GT7 hopefully later this year***

GT 7 is highly unlikely when GT Sport has been selected for the first ever 5 event Olympic Virtual Series.


CorndogBurglar853d ago


"A delayed game is a good game."

Wasn't Cyberpunk delayed multiple times?

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UnSelf854d ago

Even if I didn’t have a ps5 I wouldn’t want them to make a PS4 version. Smh!

Gazondaily853d ago

"We believe in generations"


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KillBill853d ago

@cheapweasel - "Demon Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Returnal, Destruction All Stars" ..."I guess Microsoft doesn't even believe in games." You name 4 1st party games and suggest then that Microsoft doesn't believe in games. Why? Do you imagine Microsoft invested billions of dollars in studios because they don't believe in games?

neutralgamer1992854d ago

I don't think anybody expected this to come out in 2021 realistically. Take your time make this the best God of war ever

KillBill853d ago

Not sure you have been paying attention to twitter and the social media sites because it for sure has been propped up as a likely 2021 release by many.

Sure many of us never imagined it nor Horizon as being 2021 release but doesn't stop people from making the claims anyway.

Prubar854d ago

Didn’t PS take jabs at MS for cross gen? Either way I haven’t been able to get my hands on a PS5 so maybe it’ll have to do.

darthv72854d ago

I did just that with spider-man mm. got it on the ps4 because i couldnt get a 5. Was planning to do the same for horizon but now I have the 5 (and it came with the 5 ver of SM:MM) so i gave my son my pro and copy of MM. it's nice to know they will continue to support the previous platform, esp since the current is going to continue to be strapped through to next year.

dumahim853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Yep. They did. So at this point, other than Gran Turismo (which they could also make cross-gen), do we know of any PS5 only games?

edit: The interview with Herman says they're looking into PS4 for Gran Turismo as well.

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cd1853d ago (Edited 853d ago )


Just the 4 so far I think. Astro's Playroom, Demon Souls, Returnal and R&C next week.

EDIT - Stupidly forgot about Destruction Allstars - we even got it with PS+ ffs!

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roadkillers854d ago

That's dumb, why release a marquee game on a console that has a successor over a year later? This is ridiculously stupid, might as well just place it on PSNow so everyone with a potato can play. Why exclude anyone at that point.

JEECE854d ago

Yeah, why are they leaving the 150+ million PS2 owners behind?

darthv72854d ago (Edited 854d ago )

Maybe they are sticking with tradition. Ever since the first GoW on PS2 we have had at least two releases per platform / generation. GoW 1 & 2 on PS2. GoW Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta on PSP. GoW 3 & Ascension on PS3. GoW reboot and its sequel on PS4 sounds about right. Plus it isnt like a PS4 version is going to take anything away from the PS5. Both will be built to the individual strengths of their respected hardware.

So what are the odds they will do the same with GT7? We know it will run on PS4 but they could hold it over specifically for the PS5. All other releases had odd number first release on the platform with an even number finish for the generation. GT1 & 2 (PS1), GT3 & 4 (PS2), GT5 & 6 (PS3), GTS (PS4), GT7 & 8 (PS5). Only Sport was the black sheep, but then again it wasnt meant to be a proper numbered release as it was more online and FIA centered.

outsider1624854d ago

Yeah after seeing Horizon FW running on the PS5, i wont doubt their cross gen limitation. And was anyone surprised by the delay. It was gonna happen anyway.

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alb1899854d ago

Hahaha, I'm not surprised about the delay, I knew the announcement have been made just to make dream some Fanboy and I'm not surprised ether of the reaction on n4g about this news because everything that Sony does makes sense and is for good hahahaha!

TheProblem853d ago

“ I knew the announcement have been made just to make dream some Fanboy”

I think some you Xbox fanatics need to work on your education…

alb1899853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

Theproblem, I know I don't speak English, it is not my first lenguage but that doesn't mean that my education is worst than yours and it isn't important ether.

GameZenith853d ago

How about a delay and only on PS4?

Popsicle853d ago (Edited 853d ago )

I couldn’t care less about the delay as would rather them take the time necessary to make the game the best it can be. However, I am beginning to wonder why I bothered to invest in gen 9 hardware if I am going to be stuck in gen 8 for the foreseeable future.

Seraphim853d ago

I expected it to be 2022. GoW has a tendency to release in March of the following year of it's expected release year. Many have had a 'XX scheduled release only to be pushed to into March of the following year. There may be the exception to this but every single one that I can recall has been pushed to March. That's just how it always goes.

TheEroica853d ago

Take your time, sure, but why announce a game so far in advance? Sucks for fans. I don't do hype.

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BigBosss854d ago

Honestly, I saw this coming. Take your time with the game anyways.

RaidenBlack854d ago

Yea, most people saw this coming.
Hope Forbidden West gets a 2021 release date.