5 Games Releasing In June That You Should Not Miss

The gaming industry June-pocalypse is here so get excited and get your wallets ready. Currently, we’re at the tail end of the spring launch season and E3 is right around the corner with plenty of exciting announcements to come. But, before we finally reach the return of E3, there are still some major game releases coming out this month and it feels like there’s something for everyone coming down the pipeline. Here are five games releasing this month that should be on your radar.

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darthv7255d ago

R&C is the only one I got my $$ on (and paid for). 8 days and counting.

zacfoldor55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I don't preorder anymore(my copy of Cyberpunk for PS4 still sets unplayed until fixed), and I do plan on buying R&C my most anticipated...but also some of these other games are lookin good too.

spwittbold55d ago

Only one I'll be playing is FF7 Integrade bc I was waiting for the update to release to bother finishing itthe original. Everything else is very "meh."

VerminSC55d ago

Ratchet and clank is meh?! It looks phenomenal

Paleblood55d ago

Ratched and Clank
FF7 Remake Intergrade is free for those who bought the original version is my understanding.

zacfoldor55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Played the original version(of the remake). Loved it. High quality remake, just wish the whole original game was remade already.

Tacoboto54d ago

The PS5 upgrade is free to PS4 owners (though not those who got it through PS+), but the Intergrade's Yuffie story is a separate purchase.

VerminSC55d ago

June is a good month. Definitely picking up R&K and Chivalry 2!

zacfoldor55d ago

Only 5? I'm definitely in for most of these, especially Rachet.

That said, also going in on Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection and plan to check out a few other games this month. This month is PACKED!

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The story is too old to be commented.