EA and Codemasters on track for the finest F1 experience yet with F1 2021

Neil writes: "When EA went big and splashed out the cash on the acquisition of Codemasters, the lines were drawn for the F1 series of titles to begin to reach all new heights. And even though it’s probably too early for any proper navigation from the EA team to help Codies with their push to provide another stellar F1 experience in the upcoming F1 2021, it’s fair to say that the game is still most definitely on track to be the finest F1 title yet."

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MaxiPower9055d ago

Games gonna be missing few tracks at launch. Absolute disgrace..

55d ago
Rebel_Scum55d ago

I’ve had a search for this and cant find any reason to be salty about this. So they havent put some tracks in that were changed mid season.

They’ve included tracks that arent in the revised calendar like Canada. What tracks are missing exactly?

Knushwood Butt55d ago

Coin Masters

This weekend I'll be watching Nurburgring 24h

Sgt_Slaughter55d ago

Tracks missing at launch, MyTeam, and "PitCoin" microtransaction.

Yep, it's an EA game alright.

MaxiPower9055d ago

Absolute joke. Imagine not having the full calender in a game that is already copy and paste to the next year.

55d ago
johnramus55d ago

Get ready to pay to change your tyres at pit stops, pay to have to remove a fly film strip from your helmet visor.

philm8755d ago

There's not a full priced EA game out there that actually forces you to pay for things, or takes anything away from the game if you don't. Same goes with Ubisoft. If you don't like it, don't buy.

MaxiPower9055d ago

So fifa ulfimate team doesnt require you to pay for packs? You cant create custom teams and play online any other way. Sure you dont have to pay for packs but saying it doesn't take away from experience is bullshit. If i buy new fifa tomoz only way im playing the custom teams i want is ponying up cash

DJStotty55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

EA games have algorithms that create a "perception" of needing to buy something to succeed. You come against a player that has spent money, you will find them more difficult to kill/beat, creating the illusion that in order to be better, you have to pay.

It is good business, but very anti-consumer. Skill level on games should not be based on how much money you can spend.

Activision are also doing this with COD.

This is in essence what they are doing :-

And if people do not think they are using algorithms like this, then just play COD Cold War online, and if you have not spent any money, you will find it more difficult to kill players that have purchased weapons (indicated by lasers coming out the gun)

55d ago
philm8755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I play Fifa Ultimate team and I've never bought a pack. They've improved rewards from playing drastically over recent years, and there's nothing in your face trying to get you to spend money.
There's a season structure, but it's completely free without even an option to pay. There's great rewards from objectives, Division Rivals mode, and Weekend League mode. There's no need to spend money. I don't play a massive amount, but I still have a pretty strong squad.

philm8755d ago

@DJStotty This shows me that you just don't play Call of Duty.

Father__Merrin55d ago

Correct all games are fully available to play without Mt payments. @maxipower ultimate teams is a free mode bundled in it was designed that way to be a Gaas add on..

The normal fifa game is all there

johnramus55d ago

I won't buy it. Good bye.

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Hawk19866655d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if its the worst.

Relientk7755d ago

Microtransactions incoming