No Man’s Sky’s new update looks way better than the original trailer

"Prisms Update 3.5 dramatically refreshes the No Man’s Sky experience with a range of new visual features and technologies. The universe has never looked better, with reflections, new texture effects, more biome detail, improved lighting, new skies, new warp effects, creature fur, and a host more besides."

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53d ago
VivaChe52d ago

I keep having to restart it because it’s basically a new game with every update

neutralgamer199252d ago

If this small studio can make a comeback and really fix everything and make this a great game I don't know what's taking CD project red so long they have 500 people working for them

The way no man's sky launched should not have ever happened but give credit where it's due they stuck with it and made major improvements

instantstupor52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

It is rather interesting. It took Hello Games 3 months to push out a decent update in "Foundation", but took a further year to get to the "Atlas Rises" update. Then another 11 months (about 23 months after initial release) before the launch of "Next", the update that really started to turn the tide heavily on the narrative and sentiment surrounding the game.

I don't think we're going to see CDPR add anything in the lifetime of this game that comes close to the level of additional content/features of even the first year of NMS updates, much less what has been added 2+ years out. And if they do add meaningful content, no way it isn't going to be paid. Sean Murray, for all his faults in the lead up to the game, is a decent guy. This is his dream game, and he's proving both those points out through nearly 5 years of free updates to the game (with showing no signs of slowing down, might I add).

There's simply no way CDPR is going to dedicate more time to CP2077 than is necessary for them to save a bit of face and to get it back on the PS store. They've already made their mountain of money off this game and, unlike Hello Games, are already looking to move on. CDPR is currently restructuring so they can develop 2 AAA games in parallel; their process for one game at a time isn't even good, but they're going ahead with trying 2 at once...oof. But good luck telling their shareholders and higher ups (who make tens of millions in bonus' after huge games ship, regardless of how dreadful the final product is) that they'll just keep working on the game they've already earned huge sums off of instead of on a new product to earn them even more disgusting stacks of money.

Maybe CDPR was once a consumer focused company, but I'm feeling pretty confident that - at least in terms of their game development arm - that's no longer truly the case.

DoomsdayMayBeOkay52d ago

Say whatever you will about CDPR but to be fair Cyberpunk is way a more complex game to tackle than NMS.

roadkillers52d ago

^ I think his sentiment is that CyberPunk has a larger crew, budget, and the company has more money to spend. I'm sure Punk was more complex, but they have a magnitude of more resources.

Godmars29052d ago

"looks way better than the original trailer"

Because they can deliver what's presented maybe?

philm8752d ago

They never presented those graphics before release though did they. Throwaway comment.

Nerdmaster52d ago

I wanted to like this game, tried it on Game Pass, but for some reason I couldn't endure the beginning part. However, knowing how much the developers are trying to improve the game, I think I should give it another chance.

northpaws52d ago

It has improved a lot but it is not a game for everyone, i bought the game day one, stopped after a few weeks, and recently started from scratch again. It is enjoyable, but I can also see myself stop playing it in a while, not that it is bad, just not my cup of tea.

instantstupor52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

It's truly a strange one for me. I got it very cheap on PS4 & played a bit of it, going back to play more just before and after the multiplayer update. I mainly used it as a time killer while I grinded away for bigger ships and freighters, but always did miss having a true structure to the game.

I've tried going back multiple times on PC - purchased again to play in VR & with higher frame rates, and to support them, as my first copy was used so they got nothing from me there - but each time I go back I feel a little lost. Not really sure what to be going towards. I can see this game really appealing to those who love base building, or the simple act of exploration. But for me, it feels a little too aimless and still lacks interesting missions to take part in. I wish their focus on new quests wasn't entirely focused on multiplayer, as that pretty much silos that content off to those who are interested in playing with randoms...which is not me lol.

I am still thoroughly impressed with how much they add to this game, and am always interested to see what new baubles they added when a new update releases. I just keep hoping to see them add more structured content into the game. I can only amble around a barren planet so many times before I want something to truly DO when I finally land.

uth1150d ago

Yeah the times I have fun with it are when I set my own goals.. raise a certain amount of money, search for a really special planet, build a spectacular base. But when I reach those goals then it's "now what?". Still I put it down and come back to it many times and have hundreds of hours on my save

Godmars29052d ago

Personally, have issue with little to no narrative open world games. Prefer something with a decent to good story with a sense of interaction or involvement.

Something you could actually interact with, alter and change, would be better, but multi-branching RPGs are pretty much a dead art attempt.

philm8752d ago

@Nerdmaster definitely recommend giving it more time. You don't really know what it's about from the first few hours, then it opens up a bit more. Great fun once you've unlocked base building things, vehicles/mechs, got a nice ship. Also takes a while to get used to the best way to get resources (although it's never really a grind) and also credits (finding and selling abandoned ships earns a lot).

Yi-Long52d ago

I really believe it makes a huge difference to your experience with the game on which random first planet you land.

Got the game Day 1, and enjoyed it, but my starting planet had oxygen and was nice enough. I didn’t care much for the scavenging for parts, but it was relatively easy. Bit of a chore, but not too frustrating. After a few days and planets, I left the game and went (back) to other gaming experiences.

When I picked the game back up last year, starting a new game, the random first planet I started on this time didn’t have oxygen and wasn’t much to look at. In short, I just didn’t enjoy myself on that planet, and considering you’re stuck there for a while, of course that’s going to be a bad 1st impression.

After that ‘intro’, you’ll of course be free to go & find great planets, but those first few hours CAN be rough, depending on where you happen to start your adventure.

Nerdmaster51d ago

Oh, are starting planets random? I know randomized planets are like the big thing in this game, but I thought the starting planet was scripted. Kind of risky entrusting the first impressions the player have about the game to a randomized thing...
I think at least the first planet should have been carefully crafted.

DeusFever52d ago

The expeditions solve this problem. You can build up your Traveller very quickly with quest rewards, when there is another expedition, it will be a great time to jump back in.

uth1150d ago

The beginning part is now kind of overwhelming. But it's worth it if you stick it out

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