Microsoft Flight Simulator Console Version Shows On Game Pass, Rated For Xbox One As Well

Microsoft Flight Simulator has started to show up on the Game Pass App on Smartphones. It was also rated for the Xbox One in Brazil.

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DJStotty52d ago

Just as i predicted, June/July launch, most probably day and date to coincide with E3 briefing.

51d ago
Vits52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I really want to see the Xbox One version running. Microsoft are normally masters of optimization, but Flight Simulator can make even the most powerful PC crawl.

Neonridr52d ago

settings will be dialed waaaaaaay back. They would have to be.

Gaming4Life198151d ago

I have a rtx 2070 and it looks great on my pc so on series x im sure it will look great.

Neonridr51d ago

@Gaming4Life1981 - no doubt on the Series X will look awesome. I meant for the base model.

Imortus_san51d ago

720p 30fps on the old Xbox One

Vits51d ago

That would actually be impressive if true.

DJStotty51d ago

I'm guessing the max res on the consoles will be:-

Vanilla Xbox one - 720p @30fps
Xbox one X - 1080p @ 30fps
Xbox Series S - 1440p @ 30fps
Xbox Series X - 4K @ 30/60fps (quality/performance modes)

Applejack51d ago

That would make sense. I’m actually interested in seeing the comparison between each version.

PrimeGam3r52d ago

Finally! It's going to be a great E3! Going to dial it all the way down to casual and just go flying to relax!

DJStotty51d ago

First thing i am doing, is flying from my hometown in the UK, all the way to my company headquarters in Canada :p

Aussiesummer51d ago

Took there bloody time. Now for raytraced mincraft, I hope we get an announcement regarding it.

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