Psychonauts 2 Gets Native Xbox Series X Rating But Not PS5

Psychonauts 2 might get a native Xbox Series version but not for the PS5. This is according to the Brazil Game Rating Board.

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Vits56d ago

I mean it would make sense. Psychonauts 2 is only coming to the PS4 to make good on the promises made to their "investor" and the PS5 was not a thing at that time.

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neutralgamer199255d ago

It's ok I think with BC this game will be native 4k/60fps on ps5 anyway. We have to realize Ms have full intentions of competing with Sony with keeping games away from PlayStation

As a gamer competition is what wanted but I never thought any of the big publishers would be bought. But this situation in my opinion will become ugly by end of this generation when both ms and Sony will buy out most of not all medium size publishers. Ms will do it because they need content for GP and Sony will have to do it because PlayStation is their bread and butter and they can't let me have control over so many IP's. Gamers will not win and in my opinion this won't be healthy competition. We will be left with the greediest publishers (EA, Activision, take two, ubi)

Square enix, Capcom and Sega will be bought out by end of this generation (my guess is square and Capcom by Sony and Sega by ms) I also think Sony has or will sign a long term contract/or maybe even straight out buy the rights for MGS, SH and Castlevania

One company will 100% push Netflix model while the other will push 100% conventional gaming model
PlayStation has a easier road simply due to their market share and their importance for Sony to succeed and I think if it comes down to it those japanese publishers may choose Sony over Ms as long as money is about the same

silkylove55d ago

Square Enix is worth over 1/4 of Sony. I don't think they can afford to buy them. They will just continue to bid on exclusivity for Final Fantasy games.

StoneyYoshi55d ago

No, Sony is now worth 95 billion while SE is 2 billion... both are numbers for 2021. Sony has enough spending money to do it if they really wanted to and they would get a return on that purchase easily a year or two into the buyout.

StoneyYoshi55d ago

People don't like facts I guess. 🤷🏻‍♂️

neutralgamer199255d ago

man what the heck are you talking about playstation generates more in a month than squire enix's worth

Atom66655d ago

But if the money is "about the same," MS can just over pay without sweating it at all. Sony would need to hope for private companies choosing less money to go with a preferred partner in Sony, like Insomniac did.

Capcom, Sega, and Square are all public companies. If they consider an acquisition, it's all about the size of the check. I suspect it'll be a bidding war with MS, Tencent, and other big guns in those scenarios.

Sony's best shot is mid size dev studios

KillBill55d ago

How do you imagine the game is going to be native 4K/60 on PS5 with BC?

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