Final Fantasy XVI Needs To Learn From Many of FFXV’s Mistakes

Thegamer: “E3 2021 is right around the corner, and I imagine Final Fantasy XVI will be a flagship title for Square Enix to showcase during the digital show. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that it’s closer to release than we think, with the publisher also wanting to avoid the horrendously overlong development cycle that plagued previous titles. Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XIV have done so much in restoring the series’ damaged reputation, and this medieval blockbuster could complete the trifecta and once again cement Final Fantasy as the greatest JRPG franchise on the planet. As a lifelong fan, it’s good to see the glory days make a return - I just hope they stick around this time.”

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Viking_mo58d ago

I think hes got this, look at his track history record, he fixed ff14 from scatch after the blunder of a mess. He spoke years ago how he wanted to develop the next final fantasy and return it to its routes. So far im liking what im seeing. Ff15... Many years in development, devs changed, announced early on PS3 and the main title name changed, switched over to next gen, still wasn't ready and released the game unfinished releasing the plotholes as DLC. I might have left somethings out but FF16 has my vote

CrimsonWing6958d ago

I'm not sure that he's retuning it to its roots, though.

I'm going in optimistically, but I wish these games would quit veering off into territory that almost transforms it into a different genre. I think FF7 Remake had the best combat, a blend of turn-based and real-time. That is what I think the future of the FF battle system should be.

If you just showed me the combat in the trailer I would've guessed it was a spin-off game, not a main numbered entry, but like I said I'm going in with optimism. I haven't seen enough to be worried and I do like the darker content it's delving into.

SDuck58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

There's an easy fix to make it better than 15... Let it be a 1 man vision from start to finish!

Bahamut-Shin58d ago

"Let it be a 1 man vision from start to finish!" that was why Final Fantasy versus XIII failed, 7 years of not actuall progress only a bunch of cool concepts which were showed in the trailers, and from what I heard at some point Nomura wanted to turn the game into a musical.

Kitase did what he could to salvage whatever FFversusXIII had and turn it into FF15.

SDuck58d ago

A musical? You gotta start doubting your sources. Not saying you're wrong, I could totally see Stella being a good singer but Noctis singing and dancing is an obvious NO due to the mood they were going for.

Tabata made a game so incoherent that you need a movie, a miniseries, novels, DLCs that should be in the game from the get go and some got even cancelled and even there, you have a game that rushes over its storyline, that sells you on an open world that cannonically you only explore for like a month on a story that expands for years in-game, a whole chapter that shifts the gameplay style for the worse and with all those changes, he couldn't even create his own characters, he had to use Nomura's, making him and Versus XIII some kind of martyr.

I enjoyed XV for what it was once I knew about its flaws but honestly I think I would've rather waited for whatever Nomura was planning than what Kitase did

CrimsonWing6958d ago

Looks like a completely different game. My only hope is it’s less Devil May Cry and more Final Fantasy.

solideagle58d ago

don't worry. I think it will be like FF7 remake combat on steroids which is awesome as I loved FF7: remake combat.

AnnaDea58d ago


One of them not letting a liar to be the director. Talk about being a clueless wack that had no vision at all with the game.

tombfan58d ago

Yoshi P is a great producer and I think Story will be king here.

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