10 Sega CD Games that Might Justify Owning One

Even if the Sega franchise strikes you as dabbling in old school gaming, it is well worth a look at the systems. Some of the original Sega CD (or Mega-CD in Europe) games have an astounding amount of appeal that lovers of all things gaming should consider giving a try.

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CorndogBurglar359d ago

Man I loved Snatcher. Such a great game!

Einhander1971359d ago

Silpheed, Android Assault, Lords of thunder, Solfeace, flying squadron. That's why I own Mega cd.

CrimsonWing69359d ago

Maybe one day Konami won’t be lame and they can release a Sega CD collection with Snatcher.

Neonridr359d ago

the only problem with owning a Sega CD is the hardware is less than reliable nowadays. I have an Analogue Mega SG which is an updated version of a genesis along with a Mega SD cartridge which allows me to play Sega CD games off of it. I have the entire Genesis / Sega CD library on the cart and it's great. Although many of these games do not hold up well, lol.

Einhander1971359d ago

To be honest I own the original tech, but i also have a raspberry pi build with all Mega cd games I want. So the old tech doesn't die.