The King of Fighters XV Delayed To Improve Quality

Today SNK reached out with a press release to announce that The King of FIghters XV has been delayed.

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garos8254d ago

insert Miyamoto quote here....

masterfox54d ago

I think that's a good move, there is alot they can improve starting with the visuals.

Reibooi54d ago

I personally don't get why people seem to have issues with how the game looks. It's a masterclass compared to the horrible crap that was the KOF XIV visuals. Sure it's not cutting edge or anything but it looks good enough to get the style they are going for across.

It also needs to be kept in mind the sheer size of the roster. It's a very strong likelihood the game will have between 40-50 characters at launch and that is quite a undertaking as it is. Still I applaud them taking the time to make it what it should be rather than just shipping it. That seems to be something a lot of devs just don't get these days.

Deathdeliverer54d ago

KOF has never been about the looks. I’m excited af because of the gameplay.

Knushwood Butt54d ago

In XIV Kyo doesn't even look like Kyo.

No idea why they went with that facial model.

Yi-Long53d ago

Agreed. I like the ‘idea’ of a new King of Fighters, but objectively speaking the footage shown thusfar has been very underwhelming, especially when compared to stunners like Guilty Gear or the recent Mortal Kombat.

Deathdeliverer54d ago

Sucks, but I still have strive and VF to keep me busy. Can always play the immortal Tekken 7 too.

CrimsonWing6954d ago

Good, I wasn't feeling it from what I saw especially with Guilty Gear around the corner.