New Far Cry 6 Details: No Map Editor, Huge Effort Going into Last-Gen Versions, and More

Ubisoft has revealed that Far Cry 6 won't feature a map editor, talks about last-gen, DualSense haptic feedback, weapon tier system from Far Cry New Dawn and more.

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porkChop56d ago

Come on, man. Give us a legit map editor. The custom maps in FCIP were so much fun.

excaliburps56d ago

Sad to say, map editors are dying and won't be returning I think. I mean loads of money being left off the table if it's there. This is so publishers can roll out events, new maps etc. Not saying I agree, but that's where we are.

JEECE56d ago

Honestly, I feel like they were largely dead already by the time FC2 came out. I also think you are really overestimating the success of the multiplayer components of the Far Cry Series if you really think the existence of the map editor prevented them from substantial mtx/map pack sales.

55d ago
anast56d ago

The map editor will be purchasable with real currency.

seanpitt2356d ago

Huge effort going into last gen versions.. what? this looks similar to farcy 5 it doesn’t look like it pushing boundaries in any department I think last gen versions will be fine.

Magog56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

The New Gen versions look last gen. Put a "huge effort" into those.

D3TH_D33LR56d ago

Huge effort in last gen… very disappointing to be honest.

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