Epic: Gears Cost Just $9 Million

Epic's Mark Rein says blockbuster games like Gears of War don't have to cost eight figure numbers. He says the Xbox 360 smash came in at under $10 million.

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NoUseMerc4897d ago

Well I guess 9 million to some isnt much, but I dont know if I would be willing to invest that kind of moneya nd time into a game unless I knew it was going to be something huge....not that Gears wasnt.

Makes me wonder then. Killzone 2 is the biggest bugest media project ever for all of Dutchland. Over $30million or something. I wonder what the money was spent on?

Raist4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

9 million $ for GoW yeah. But i really doubt they take the costs of the UE3 development into consideration.

So let's say another company makes a clone of gears, they'd spend 9 million $ PLUS the costs of developping an engine equivalent to the UE3. That, or they'd just buy it.

So in fact, gears's cost is higher than that.

TheMART4897d ago

Nope, the costs ain't higher, because the Unreal 3 engine is sold seperate, it's a seperate project, and they sold it already so much it ain't costing them money anymore. They don't calculate the costs of the engine internal.

AuburnTiger4897d ago

I'm sure they didn't include all of the advertisement cost, it would easily double that 9 mill.

TheMART4897d ago

Depends. Could be MS doing the marketing and paying for it, because Gears is so important to them as the new 'Halo', plus they're the publisher.

I'm pretty sure making the game will be that 9 million dollar.

hells henchman4897d ago

i bet Capcom (Lost Planet) cringes when seeing this!

USMChardcharger4897d ago

of course M$ did the marketing for it...they are the publisher.

i am sure it works like TV...the people who create a show don't fork over the commercial cost to advertise...the TV networks would do that.

wow, 9 mil for gears...they made a killing off this game.

this just shows what a relief it is to developers pockets when they don't have to do "out of this world" research and development on new tech.

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The story is too old to be commented.