Halo Infinite Will Support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on PC and Xbox

It looks like Halo Infinite will support both the Dolby Vision HDR format and Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound on PC and Xbox consoles.

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iplay1up253d ago

Wouldn't expect less. Gears 5 Hive Busters is fantastic on Series X!

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waverider53d ago

This is the last thing that Xbox gamers care. What they want to see are all the upgrades 343 did to the game since the last gameplay reveal.

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Orchard53d ago

I have an Xbox and I care about Atmos and Vision.

waverider53d ago

Dude, try less. it was just an opinion. I know you care. But in reality Atmos on Halo is not even news worthy for any gamer. They are hype to see what the console can do and if 343 can hype back the game. Not if atmos vision is there.

Orchard53d ago

Just because you don't think its interesting or don't own an Atmos/Vision setup, doesn't mean it isn't relevant news for others.

Neonridr53d ago

I'm a PC gamer along with my PS5 and I care. Dolby Vision is the best possible video format out there, and the fact that a game will support it means it will look its absolute best. HDR10 (+) is still perfectly fine, but it's nice for those who can take advantage of the added detail.

thesoftware73052d ago (Edited 52d ago )

@ Wave

I care about both, My T.V supports DV and its great.

So that will help the improved visuals one way or another.

Thanks for telling me what I care about, but nah. You did not state it as your opinion, you said its the last thing Xbox gamers care in fact you attempted to tell others what they care about, your whole post never even mentioned yourself. You said "They" want to see.

Your attempt to be negative on a good news thread is unwanted and unneeded.

waverider52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Because the news about halo arent about dolby atmos or sound. And, yes, my opinion is that 98%+ really dont care about this. You are those 2% that are able and know this tech. Nobody talked about atmos or vision on the reveal of ANY game. Or did they?. This isnt news worthy whatsoever. They try it with the fake news about being exclusive... to hype nothing. I could go even further and say i see many talking about 120 frames and they dont even got a TV capable of 4k/120. Much less the casual gamer. This is a silly attempt to make nothing news. Because of the huge lack of information with Microsoft games. Nothing more. And never should be top news of the site...but thats my opinion and everybody got one.

thesoftware73052d ago


So to your point, no on should care bout

10 or 12 TFlops
Tempest 3d audio, haptic feedback
Quick resume
Higher T.V refresh rates

See how ridiculous you sound? because you think a lot of people don't have Dolby capable sets, its not news worthy? Most people don't have a PS5 or Series X, so they shouldn't be exited or interested and talk about in the new tech they offer(look above for a few)? Most people don't have 120Frames T.V/Monitors , so don't talk about it? Don't have an RTX cable console or GPU...don't talk about it.

This is a gaming site and anything to enhance games is worth talking about.

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Bigman4k52d ago

That's cool my tv supports DV

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