Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Release Date Announced by Sega

Sega finally announced the global release date of the upcoming Phantasy Star Online 2 spin-off Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

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autobotdan60d ago

Finally.. I'll be there on day 1

Deathdeliverer60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

It’s crazy Microsoft paid to keep this game off other systems in America. Not full exclusive or nothing like that. Just don’t release this on any systems but Xbox in America. They must have paid a really high amount. Literally the only thing stopping the game from coming to other systems is translation. I thought it was weird PSO2 didn’t come to America all these years it’s been on PS in Japan. Disappointing business by Sega and business as usual for Microsoft I guess.
Well I have a Series X for just such a situation. I’m not missing any games, no matter the system. I’ll be there day one. Still makes it no less ridiculous.

Abriael60d ago

Everyone has done ridiculous exclusivity stuff. Sony pays for timed exclusives all the time. Nintendo did exactly the same with Disgaea 6. Sucks, but what can you do.

Inverno60d ago

Bro this game even came out on the VITA! I waited and was pretty excited to play a full fledged MMO on a handheld and it never released in the west. This has to be one of the dumbest exclusivity deals ever made. It's literally already out for PS4 but they won't release it in the west for it. Absolutely high levels of wtf

ProLogY60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

This is more complicated. The game was translated in collaboration with Microsoft and they paid for the localization. That goes considerably beyond an exclusivity deal as it seems unlikely PSO2 would have launched in the west at all without Microsoft.

Deathdeliverer60d ago

Sir... PSO2 is in English on PC. Has nothing to do with them paying for translation. Nothing to do with localization. Has everything to do with “hey.... how much is it going to cost to keep this series off other platforms in America and for how long? Same thing they did with Yakuza like a dragon. Every Yakuza launched on PS and was only on PS. MS paid to have like a dragon stay off JUST the PS5 for X amount of time. Not PS4. Just 5. Deals like that have never been seen before by me and I’ve been gaming since arcades/NES/and master system launches. (Yeah I was like 4 or 5 but still.) Microsoft’s deals with Sega are simply the weirdest deals around.

DaveZero60d ago

Not like don't do to that crap.

TriniOutsider59d ago

You are aware that the game is coming to other platforms sometime down the road. It was stated by Phil Spencer himself.

Vanfernal59d ago

It's coming to all platforms on the same day. However, the western release is Xbox/Pc exclusive.

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Hillyhill59d ago

Guess it makes sense for Microsoft to just buy it exclusive in the US.... They prob don’t wanna revert to the X360 days when they b sitting on top the mountains screaming to da cloudz they made 4 bux in profits on this game in Japan but hey whada i know

Activision59d ago

Microsoft is offering free Azure servers as well

Lexreborn259d ago

I started playing the other day even though I created a character back last year. Had no Idea they gave me enough experience to hit level 44 out the So, I am dumb overpowered in the beginning but not so over powered I can do endgame stuff.

I had been holding out on this game for a while because I was mad it took Sega so long to localize but I'm over that hissy fit now.