DailyGame: Mirror's Edge Review

DailyGame writes: "Mirror's Edge will probably go down as one of the most unique games to release in 2008. It intrigues with its style and graphical innovation, with crisp anime-like graphics that few games dare try. It provides a fresh perspective via its first-person adventure gameplay, something gamers haven't really seen since Namco's Breakdown. On the other hand, Mirror's Edge may also go down as one of the year's hardest games, with a difficulty and timing mechanism that could very well turn off many people who would otherwise like to give Mirror's Edge a try.

The yin and yang of Mirror's Edge is its difficulty. It's the worst and best parts of the game. What makes the game exciting is knowing that if you screw up you're toast, but this also makes the game frustrating at times. With its first-person platforming, intense combat and lack of a HUD, Mirror's Edge could have benefitted by easing gamers into its gameplay. The plot sees players assuming the role of a parkour-style "runner" trying to escape from authorities after her friend is accused of a serious crime. Although the character was thrown into this dramatic situation, that doesn't justify throwing gamers into this style of gameplay. Gradually introducing a few of the jumping moves and helping gamers better understand where the game is coming from would have been good. As it is, it's difficult to grasp the language this game is speaking."

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