DailyGame: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

DailyGame writes: "When the first Animal Crossing released on the GameCube, Nintendo had already sewn the seeds for its mainstream mommy-blog-friendly Wii. The evidence for this could be seen in my very own living room, where my wife regularly raced home from work to set aside reality and visit the world of Animal Crossing. Her best friend was a certified addict, hell-bent on collecting fruit, digging for fossils and building house add-ons. Together, they tried to convert the world to Animal Crossing and convince everyone that pulling weeds was not so bad, and that cashing-in on bluegills was a great way to build a stash of Bells. The simplistic "animal town simulator" was a pleasant surprise for a struggling console and an unexpected franchise in the making.

Animal Crossing: Wild World surfaced on the Nintendo DS in 2005, which introduced not just a handheld version of the game, but the innovation of the in-game world going from a flat surface to a 3D scrolling mini-globe. The game also introduced the ability to visit others' towns via a WiFi connection, opening up a whole new type of gameplay filled with exploration, item collection and swapping."

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