BenQ Drives appearing on Xbox 360

It seem as if MS are installing BenQ drives in recent Xbox 360 consoles. Those who buy Xbox 360's in around the December 06 manufacturing date range may well get this new drive.



As of Nov. 2006 - M$ has finally got the shipment of the BenQ drives to replace the dropped Toshiba/Hitachi brands. I thought these machines would start appearing in the new production lot just before XMAS'06 or early '07 in time with the new 65nm cpu die also. It looks like M$ has started finally using them, and those owners buying machines in the Dec.'06 mfr. date range may not get a Toshiba MS28 or Hitachi v78 but the new super-quiet BenQ drive based on the Philips design - VAD6038.

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Torch4905d ago

God be with you, future X-Box investors...I've had a terrible experience with Benq's (horrendous) optical DVD drives a few years back, as well as the company's (lack of) customer service.

I don't know if anything's changed since then, but I vowed never to buy anything from Benq as a result.

My replacement LG's have been rock-solid ever since.

On the other hand, who know''s likely that all drives on the market are made by only a handful of companies anyway.

dfb19774905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

Lite on are manufacturing these drives. They recently purchased BenQ's facility and have taken over production. The drives are actually designed by Philips. Basically they are now Philips drives built by Lite On. The deal gets BenQ a cut for the use of the facility.

Sony and NEC drives are also made by Lite On

Xtrm L1481L1TY4905d ago

Lite On is the best damn DVD R/RW drive I ever owned and they're manufacturing these BenQ's? Wow, cool.

hells henchman4905d ago

is there any way to tell by looking at an unopened box at the store?

Munky4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

My 360 has recently started to make a terrible crunching noise :(. If the new drives are as quiet as mentioned, I want one.

dfb19774905d ago

I have two Lite On Sony drives in my music rig, and the only thing you can hear is the initial spin up then they are really quiet, no reason for these to be any different. Then again there was no reason for the first batch to be so noisy.