NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8 GB Graphics Card Unleashed Too, Faster Than RX 6800 For $599 US

In addition to its flagship, the RTX 3080 Ti, NVIDIA has also unveiled its brand new GeForce RTX 3070  Ti graphics card.

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Furesis56d ago

These pictures will be the closest thing i'll get to one of these things lol

CaptainHenry91656d ago (Edited 56d ago )

My brother said the same thing. The only way you will probably get one if you buy a pre build PC from a retail manufacturer which is more lol. Ebay sellers will increase the price to at least $1000 or more😂

kneon55d ago

Even ordering a PC may not help. I was just looking at ordering an Alienware R10 with a Ryzen 9 5950x and a 6800 xt as I need a lot of cores for my current project and even that wouldn't arrive until late July. I'd be better off building it, it will be faster.

Giblet_Head55d ago

@kneon If you're gonna order a prebuilt, you can do far better than an overpriced underperforming Dell.

kneon55d ago

it's for work, so I don't get to pick a vendor, not without a lot of hassle. Likewise I can't build it as my time is more expensive than buying one already made

XxINFERNUSxX55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yup, I don't know what Nvidia is thinking or are they blind lol. There is no current stock and they want to release new GPUs 😁I got my EVGA 3070 back in Jan, got lucky from being in the EVGA queue. But Nvidia and AMD should just focus on getting the current GPUs back in stock not create more of a problem.

amazinglover55d ago

This doesn't change the # of cards available just what flavor they come in.
For example

If every silicon sheet gives a 100 cards and those cards broke done to 32/33 of each type with a few duds.

Then now they will break down to 24/25 of each with a few duds.

lelo2play56d ago

$599 US ????


No chance...

Bnet34355d ago

$599 is hella cheap for a high end card, fym

DarthMarvin55d ago

Too bad this isn't a high end card. High mid-range at best.


Yeah more like on ebay for $1200+ or even double that .

Bnet34354d ago

well you cant count scalper prices if thats the case Series X and PS5 are NOT $500 lol. People are hogging the cards for mining but NVIDIA is helping to combat that so gamers can get their hands on it.

SirBruce55d ago

It is only publicity. They and us know it will be not less than 1.000 $ US... if any gets available outside China.

Parasyte55d ago

Don’t count on being able to buy one. Between scalpers and manufacturers selling directly to miners, they’ll be sold out almost instantly.

annoyedgamer55d ago

If in the US, Microcenter is your best bet.

Andrew33655d ago

If you like to show up at 3am and hope they got a shipment that day sure.

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