NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti officially announced, releases on June 3rd, priced at $1199

NVIDIA has just announced the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti graphics card. This GPU will release on June 3rd, and will be priced at $1199 MSRP.

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GoodGuy0958d ago

And will sell out within seconds and be sold at 2-3x the msrp by scalpers. Cant wait...

CaptainHenry91658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The only way you can probably get one if you buy a pre build PC which is more or get one on Ebay by scalpers double the price lol

MrDead57d ago

Yeah new builds, that' s how I got my 3080 in October.

badz14956d ago

LOL this is nVidia being very greedy! truly an enemy to PC gamers!

It's very depressing to build a new rig right now especially if you're not in the major countries. I just checked one of the biggest online sellers where I live, the 3060Ti goes for $1500! the retail PC stores are all out of stock ALWAYS! the best they have is the GTX1660S at $500 and that's a huge ripoff still. least the PS5 is going stable at $800 - $900 here. just when I thought going PC this gen because Jim Ryan keeps giving away 1st party games to PC and this happens. R&C is coming out soon, I think I will just bite the bullet with the PS5 as I don't see GPUs.

Thunder_G0d_Bane55d ago

You call PS5 selling at double the retail price Stable?? I would never buy any hardware above retail price, I got my PS5 from Very (UK Site) a couple months ago at regular retail price. Ain't no way in hell I'd pay a penny more for it.

badz14955d ago

what I meant by stable is "it's not looking to go up any further". that price range was the best we've had over here since launch. In my area in South East Asia, the only places selling it at MSRP are the Sony Official stores which is just 2 stores in total and those have been sold out in minutes the 2 times they opened for pre-order. The independent game shops are all selling it at the price range I said previously and they have been selling the few units they managed to get for at least $1500 each just a couple of months ago. I am yet to get 1 because I refuse to pay the scalpers premium but I love R&C and the outlook for the PC side of thing is also not looking very good for the foreseeable future. $900 for PS5 or $1500 for a mere's the matter for which one's the lesser evil right now!


Well going by the reviewers, from Gamers Nexus, Hardware Unboxed etc. This is a waste of money. Gamers Nexus puts it perfectly:

seanpitt2356d ago

So this is a little less powerful than the 3090… probably the card to get then in 2023

Parasyte56d ago

Releases right into the hands of miners and scalpers

phoenixwing56d ago

I'd buy the 3070ti coming on the tenth but I'm not going to compete with scalpers when my 2070 super gets the job done for 1440p

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