Viva Piñata is for girls - Gates

Mincing mega geek Bill Gates has committed the ultimate faux pas - he's told Charlie Rose that Viva Piñata is for girls.

Discussing new genres, he said: "We have a thing called Viva Piñata that's for young girls, where you're tending a garden and these animals come along..."

He then goes on to waffle about how Xbox 360's power and connectivity allow you to "conceptualise" game ideas better than ever before.

So anyway, Gates clearly doesn't know much about Viva Piñata...

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T-Virus5721d ago

How dare he, that game is mint.

Dukester1015721d ago

honestly... why make a big deal out of this. so what if he's not entirely sure what the game does. just because he's rich and powerful doesn't mean the media have to report on every little thing the guy does.

people make mistakes all the time. his mistakes get magnified because of his status! yeah, viva is great, and i'm sure his sales figures reflect this- that doesn't mean he has to know the ins and outs of every single game

omfg_1115721d ago

... never mind, ... i'm not interested in this game and never was! :P

iballa5720d ago

Stick me in a frock and call me Judy!

MissAubrey5720d ago

was animal crossing just for girls?

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The story is too old to be commented.