CD Projekt Red “In Middle Of” Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation Store Relisting Process

Cyberpunk 2077 might be coming to PlayStation Store pretty soon.

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spwittbold728d ago

Well, good news there. At least the PS players will be getting a release that is likely much more fleshed out in terms of its bugs and a product that will be worth it's $29.99 release on the PStore lmao. The campaign was actually pretty fun for a FPS - end game is pointless. Biggest complaint is still lack of interaction between factions and side missions being relatively pointless.

philm87726d ago

Side missions are excellent fun and can unlock different endings, I don't see how they are pointless.

waverider727d ago

Really impress by what Sony did with this buggy game.... If only all did the same!

AnnaDea727d ago

It was almost flawless on a RTX 2060 OC.

Why would they pull it for the PC players?

bradfh727d ago

It wasn't ready, It was very buggy on PC and broken on consoles.

AnnaDea727d ago

"It wasn't ready, It was very buggy on PC and broken on consoles."

Thank You, I know, Because I played through the whole game myself.

There was some bugs here and there and a couple of crashes, but nothing I would call devastating or unplayable.

Though shit for console gamers though.

enkiduxiv727d ago

I played on a GTX 1650 and it was fine. Some bugs but better than some other releases I’ve seen in recent memory.

Those pics for the base ps4 though. They should have never tried for Cross Gen.

anast727d ago

GTX 1650...sure if you play on medium settings most games will look good enough. I have a 1650 and wouldn't even try CP2077.

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Rebel_Scum727d ago

So is there gonna be a mad patch incoming?

anast727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

I would say they got a few more patches to go. The load screens barely work. The game looks like it is falling apart (floating particles everywhere) and when there is a crowd you can see exact copies of NPCs one after another.

Knightofelemia727d ago

I'll laugh if Sony has to pull the game off the Playstation store again lol

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