CD Projekt Discusses Continued Cyberpunk 2077 Development & Pre-Production of Unannounced Games

During CD Projekt’s financial conference call for investors and analysts, chief executive officer Adam Kiciński and chief financial officer Piotr Nielubowicz talked about the company’s future plans and Cyberpunk 2077.

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Darkborn60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I think a lot of gamers are gonna be cautious of anything else this studio releases. They need a Sean Murray style of content releases to try to redeem themselves.

savedsynner60d ago

Mmmmm, not really. CDPR had an insane amout of cred in the gaming community prior to this and one bad release doesn't erase that. If their next game is like this, then yes, they will become the new Bioware, but right now, I see a track record of excellent games and one pushed out 3-5 months early.

CobraKai60d ago

It just takes one bad game to lose the trust of gamers and Cyberpunk was a train wreck (although I don’t think the gameplay itself is terrible). I think the majority of gamers will be taking a wait and see approach for any future games, especially console players.

Sgt_Slaughter60d ago

Cyberpunk is not "one bad release", it was the most hyped game for years and it flopped so hard reception wise (and profit wise compared to what they must have expected) that it hurt their reputation permanently. All it takes is one colossal disaster like this to ruin things going forward.

esherwood60d ago

It’s crazy how fickle gamers are. Cdpr has done nothing but go above and beyond in the past and everyone rightfully gave them praise. Cyberpunk was probably my favorite game of the year and I bought it on release day for Xbox and had zero game breaking bugs. I seriously think it was a victim of its own hype and people would be praising it if it was from anyone else. $60 for a triple a game like that with no micro transactions is pretty unheard of plus the free upgrade and people are still crying

60d ago
CrimsonWing6960d ago

I think the only way they can redeem themselves with Cyberpunk is to actually release a version that they Watchdogged us with. Don't water it down, remove all NPCs, change quests and features, etc. If you can't deliver on that you might as well cut your losses and put those devs on new projects so you don't have another Cyberpunk situation.

anast60d ago

Never going to day 1 form this publisher again. They were on the short list of 3: Naughty Dog and Rockstar are the other two.

Yui_Suzumiya60d ago

Rockstar is the worst and most overhyped developer of all time though. Please don't mention their cursed name around here.

robtion60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

CDPR dropped the ball for sure. Cyberpunk needs a lot of work. It is clearly missing a lot of clothing, cyberware, etc that NPCs are wearing and other features. Still waiting on the next gen version, all the supposed free content, and the official expansions. Many of the criticisms people have are valid however despite this I still think it's a great game.

Naughty dog let me down with TLOU2. The story and direction is so poorly done that I don't enjoy the game. This is the most disappointed I have ever been in a game as I loved the original.

I found RDR2 too slow, pacing issues, realism over fun. Technical marvel but otherwise lacking.

anast60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

The TLOU2 story is solid. It was not poorly done. Maybe you didn't like it, but it is still good writing. I played RDR2 for two years and didn't have a problem.

F0XH0UND92259d ago

Just because you didn't like a story, doesn't mean it's poorly done.

smolinsk60d ago

The game is dead and was dead on arrival, move on..

F0XH0UND92259d ago

No it's not lol This game will have many updates and expansions.

smolinsk59d ago

But the game have something fundamental wrong with it that is impossible to correct unless they build a whole new game. It's a miss and will go down as the biggest fail of an AAA production to ever come out.

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