DOOM Eternal Next-Gen Version Listed On Steam Database

Steam Database has listed a next-gen version of Doom Eternal which could suggest that an upgrade is coming for the game on PC or consoles.

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Father__Merrin54d ago

Can't believe how cheap doom eternal is might be an idea to pick it up for when next gen version hits

FinalFantasyFanatic54d ago

Why not grab it now? When it's on Steam sale, it's only $30 AUD, that's cheap as chips, plus the DLC isn't too expensive either, it's a great game, I'm hyped for a new Doom game when it comes out.

Father__Merrin53d ago

It's around £7 here on xbox./Ps

FinalFantasyFanatic53d ago


That is cheap, I gotta pay the Australia tax though.

NeoGamer23254d ago

You are missing out. This is the best Doom game so far as far as I am concerned. There's reasons why it was nominated for many GOTY awards.

poppatron53d ago

I picked it up on PS4 for £13 last year and have been saving it for ages so I can play the next gen version on my ps5. I thought it would’ve been out by now, buzzing to play it though

Tapani54d ago

It was a solid 8 for me. I think if they would combine the 2016 Doom's exploration and Eternal's action into one larger, more varied and complex game, it would be better for it. They should also drop the incredibly juvenile story component, and opt for a Dark Souls type of a puzzle based, silent world-building. They explained way too much, nobody wants to read page after page in an action FPS. The writing itself was also disconnected from the game's feel.

I wonder how this will run on my 6900xt (which I decided to watercool recently) at 2.7ghz. Probably around 3080 level, although I'm not sure how 3080 can run this with it's limited VRAM. On my previous 3070 when the buffer was full, it started seriously affecting the performance with huge drops under 60fps everything maxed at 4K.

Aussiesummer54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

About time. It's not a great game, I hate that spaceship hub crap and the story is crap but looks and plays great, can't wait to see what it looks like upgraded, hopefully raytraced gi.

poppatron53d ago

Ah man... that’s a shame, I really enjoyed the story of 2016’s (schlocky as anything but fun). I was genuinely looking forward to finally playing this one. To be fair I did also think the spaceship hub looked a bit stupid

lazyboyblue54d ago

They announced it ages ago. Actually surprised it's not out already.

philm8753d ago

They said they only started looking at it properly after the Ancient Gods DLC was finished. Fingers crossed it's not too much longer.

SlothLordPootus54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I've been waiting for a next gen patch to play it. I want it so bad. I absolutely LOVED Doom 2016.

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