PlayStation Talents Will Release Over a Dozen PS5, PS4 Games in 2021/2022

PlayStation Talents, an initiative set up by Sony Interactive España to nurture home-grown talent, will produce over a dozen games for PS5 and PS4 in the near future.

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purple10165d ago

What's the phrase...

Driving it home..

Pounding it home. Something along those lines..

When you have an advantage. Capitalise on it. Secure it. Etc..

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Deathdeliverer64d ago

Was that Greninja? Seriously though, Sony doesn’t need to buy a bunch of studios to stay relevant. They’ve got talent to spare. That sounds a bit harsher than I intended... but I don’t know how to change it.

SirBruce64d ago

PlayStation Talents is not that. Sony does not buy those indie studios. They offer them dev support, production support, marketing, a place in PlayStation Shop and other services with a limited exclusivity in return (12 months, most of them).

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The story is too old to be commented.