15 Years Ago This Month, Valve Announced Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Zack Zwiezen writes, "It seems like just yesterday when Valve announced a trilogy of expansions for their super-popular PC game, 2004's Half-Life 2. But it’s actually been 15 years since Episode 3 was announced. And while Valve has since released a new Half-Life game, it wasn’t the one the developer announced back in 2006."

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Orchard65d ago

Still hurts a little that we didn’t get Ep3… and the “leaked” plans for it sounded like a great finale to the HL2 story arc.

-Foxtrot65d ago

It sounded fantastic and it's a shame we'll never get that

The ending of Half Life Alyx and what it did basically put the nail in the coffin for those plans.

Fntastic65d ago

Whatever they release next i hope it's not catered to consoles first. Back 4 Blood seems to be going that route by having automatic flashlights, but i have high hopes Valve won't water down any games as they are usually released on PC way earlier, like HL2 and HLA.

CrimsonWing6964d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Man, I wish I played Half-Life 2 when it first came out so I could love it like the fans do.

I played it on Xbox 360 and I thought it was ok. I recognize it set a standard for a lot of things like physics in game and story-telling in an FPS, but I think by the time I played it the design had been improved upon by other games.