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VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "Returnal is something of an anomaly amongst other AAA games, as big budget roguelites aren’t exactly common. Truthfully, I can’t imagine why; it seems like a game based around replayability and randomness would be a prime opportunity to insert microtransactions and lootboxes. Thankfully, Returnal has no such concepts, and instead remains a fully enclosed, tightly knit adventure game that does pave the way for big budget roguelites to become more common... although hopefully not too common that EA starts to take notice."

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buffig59d ago

Disagreed with most points raised in this review. For me it was a solid 9/10

wolf58159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

the game is awesome....3 more collectibles trophies and i will have the platinum...and i m sad because i want it more...the game is not hard neither scale 1-10 for how hard it is i d say is around 7...kudos to HM

Sunny1234559d ago

I just killed my 4th boss, and what a journey it is. Amazing game 9/10 easily. I think it was too hard for the reviewer and couldn't actually finish it so he gave it a 6.5

FlavorLav0158d ago

The review score likely reflects the reviewers gaming skills. If you suck bad, I can see this game being very frustrating. I played until I got gud, beat the game, then went back for the secret ending. Easily somewhere between an 8 or 9 for me. Fantastic game

leahcim58d ago

from them: Ghost of Tsuchima 5/10, Astros Play Room 7/10.

kneon58d ago

It's vgchartz and those are playstation games, what did you expect?

coolbeans58d ago

Astro's Playroom is a good game. I'm sorry I had to tell you this.

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1Victor59d ago

I see the score 😱 then see the source 🤣 and 🤔 who else but video game fake chartz 🤦🏿

DEEHULK8858d ago

That kinda crazy because this site constantly uses their sales numbers, but all of a sudden people turn on them when they give a Sony game an average rating.

RauLeCreuset58d ago


You either have no clue what you're talking about or are deliberately engaging in revisionist history.

Your profile shows you joined this site in 2017. Here are some things that happened before then:

1) There was a big push from users to get VGChartz banned from N4G. Their credibility was constantly challenged. They obviously were not banned.

2) Xbox coincidentally decided to stop reporting sales numbers after getting smoked by PS4.

The combination of those things brings us to today. VGC is still around on this site. Their sales estimates still get critiques, but not as many. There's not much point. They aren't going anywhere, Xbox made their estimates more relevant by deciding to hide official sales, and pointing out VGC bias (though it does occur) becomes a question of picking your battles when the difference between their narrative versus reality is only a matter of how badly the Xbox is getting smoked by PS.

DEEHULK8858d ago

Thanks for giving me YOUR LONG perspective, but I stand by what I said

RauLeCreuset58d ago


That little bit of information overwhelmed you? That explains your posts.

58d ago
Neonridr58d ago

@RauL - no, this site props up VGChartz when the numbers favor you know who. Don't act surprised. I still think the game is better than this, but it's the review of one person, it doesn't have to be representative of your opinion. I think BOTW is a solid 9/10, as do many publications, but around N4G waters, you'd find plenty of people that have a problem with that score. Best to just leave it be.

1Victor58d ago

@ Neón you’ve been stalking around here since 2012 you damn well know that site is a joke when it comes to numbers and it’s openly biased against Sony.
During PS3 years they kept their numbers down and 360 up to the point that Sony would release OFFICIAL NUMBERS and that site wouldn’t even change theirs to reflect claiming their numbers was sold to consumers and Sony( OFFICIAL NUMBERS)was sold to store.
Just because a few former Xbox fans now PlayStation fans and a lot of Xbox fans use that site numbers to validate their claim doesn’t mean the whole site use them aside from those hardcore members NO ONE believes those numbers are true

DOMination-58d ago

I regularly see people here in the comments using VGChartz numbers.

People should be more secure though. Stop using sales figures to justify your purchases. If you like a console or game then go for it, regardless of popularity. The same goes for reviews. Everyone has their tastes, don't be swayed or get wound up by one opinion and try it for yourself.

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DEEHULK8858d ago

. Sony was hiding with the PS3 at one point as well because it was losing money especially in America where 360 outsold it by 20 million. It's nothing new

Atticus_finch58d ago

"At one point" lol.
That simply false.
So what's the excuse for MS hiding an entire gen.

DEEHULK8858d ago (Edited 58d ago )

They don't have to just like Ubisoft isn't reporting numbers either even with the new Assassin's creed the most successful game in the series. They go by players. Sony didn't have to the stip in America during the 360 gen because the NPD did it for them in 2010. Since the NPD handles America they stopped reporting numbers in 2010 because it was PS3s worst region with them ending up a distant 3rd behind 360 and Wii.

talocaca59d ago

I am struggling with the game because it IS very dificult indeed. I managed to beat the second boss but not taking a break.

This game is at LEAST an 8 (higher in my opinion).

Since when does VGChartz write reviews anyway? I guess that since most consoles don't release weekly sales anymore they need to find ways to increase traffic. #clickbait

alb189959d ago

Why can't they make reviews?

coolbeans59d ago

"Since when does VGChartz write reviews anyway?"

Since 2008.

Sunny1234559d ago

Why? They should stop with the reviews. What garbage is he talking about in there anyway, it should have mts but it doesnt.. what? Bizarre review

coolbeans59d ago


"it should have mts but it doesnt.. what?"

I'm going to ask you the same thing: what? That's not the point being made. That's terrible reading comprehension on your part.

Sunny1234558d ago


Lol what? So he is saying a rougelike game with replayability should have been injected with Mt's, but he is thankful that's its not. What bs point in that ? It has no relevance here. Clearly he hasn't played rouge like games.

That's the problem when reviewers write reviews by reading other reviews and not actually playing the game.

coolbeans58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


You're totally disregarding the context here. I'll do it point-by-point:

-The rareness of a big-budget AAA roguelike (esp. at $70 too).
-An observation of how odd that is, given the randomness COULD enable microtransactions.
-Is glad that Returnal doesn't take that route.
(Note: Notice how he NEVER says it should have been injected with MT's but is thankful that it's not. That's flagrantly incorrect)

Were it not for you evidently seething over a score, you'd probably realize how much of a non-issue this observation is. Just a few basic sentences about the rare spot Returnal is in while informing the audiences of it being a roguelike.

"Clearly he hasn't played rouge like games."

Considering he name-drops other roguelikes? Doubt it. Again, you're just grasping at straws.

Sunny1234558d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Lol @flagrantly incorrect.

"It seems like a game based around replayability and randomness would be a prime opportunity to insert microtransactions and lootboxes. Thankfully, Returnal has no such concepts"

Bro honestly I don't think you read his review.

coolbeans58d ago

-"Lol @flagrantly incorrect."

Considering you're now reciting parts I've gone over? Looks that way for you. I'm not sure why this is such a hard concept to follow: someone can observe that a certain type of game design, subgenre, etc. could be ripe for AAA meddling like MT's and lootboxes AND be happy those things didn't happen. Maybe you're genuinely missing the ultimate point there, but it's so easy to follow that I can't help but feel you're acting in bad faith.

Sunny1234558d ago

That's how he started the review, that was his opening statement, and those hold the most value in a review. That's the point I had the problem with initially and that's what I said, whereas you blamed my comprehension, and understanding of his statement. Rest of his review is not even the topic of my discussion, it was what bothered my and I pointed it out, you refuted it and then you change the topic. Too each his own bro, its a game with 87 meta and the reviewer didn't play the game In my opinion. You have a good day!. I am done with this futile convo.

58d ago
Sunny1234558d ago

@laperd. Are you okay? Did something bad happen with you ? Chill out man. This has nothing to with fanboyism, is was about not agreeing with the reviewers comments. Man the way you talk, either you are 12, or just an insolent fool. Don't reply to my comments again. People like you should be banned on forums.

coolbeans58d ago


"That's how he started the review, that was his opening statement, and those hold the most value in a review."

I hate to bust out the "actually" line here, but you're wrong. You're just looking at the quoted description above, but that's not what he started out with. This is actually his 2nd paragraph, not his opening statement in the review. Again, this description is literally just a basic layout of Returnal being among the first AAA roguelike games and it - fortunately - is a full experience.

-"Rest of his review is not even the topic of my discussion"

I mean... you claim he hasn't played this game and I'm pushing back on that. I don't see how you can just avoid the review (to some extent) with that kind of hand-waving. You're not even keeping up with the points YOU brought up. "Futile convo" is the closest you've been to correct.

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MephiSkA59d ago

For me, the game was fun until I reached the 4th and 5th biomes. I had an excellent run in which I managed to complete the second biome, meet and beat the boss for the first time, then complete and kill the boss from the 3rd biome on that same run. The 4th and 5th biomes are difficult as hell, I managed to kill the boss in the 4th biome but the 5th one is crazy hard (at least for me), it has 3 keys to grab in order to open the door to the boss and they need to be taken all in one single run. One of those keys seems to be behind a challenge room (the yellow star door), I tried again and again, with crazy upgrades and I got tired of trying. The game is very well made, it's very challenging and it's fun BUT at a certain point, it feels like there should be more permanent upgrades, it's just restarting and going through the same rooms again and again. I got tired of the countless hours uselessly spent trying to beat the 5th biome.

UnSelf58d ago

I can beat those gold star rooms with a level 1 pistol. Step your game up

Knushwood Butt58d ago

I spent well over a week making minimal progress in biomes 4 an 5 but finally got past them last weekend and it was so satisfying!

Abear2158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It’s so old school at its roots it’s all about learning attack patterns, but I had a similar experience when I almost completed it last night on my first time getting that far. Did work with a damn good Hollowseeker with void beam, but 3 plus hours later it wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t have a good enough start and lacked healing so I knew I was doomed.

Om4ever59d ago

You have a pain in your...?

59d ago
boing158d ago

Too harsh. I would give at least an 8 to your ass. Hell, I hate my ass and I wouldn't give 6.5 to it. Believe in yourself.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash58d ago

Don't believe in the you that believes in me and don't believe in the me that believes in you. Believe in the you that believes in yourself.

IRetrouk59d ago

Don't agree, but each to their own🤷‍♂️

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