GotGame | Scarlet Nexus Demo Preview

With the Scarlet Nexus demo available on all platforms, GotGame gives both protagonists a run to get impressions before next month's launch.

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NINJA568954d ago

all platforms? is the demo available on pc?

spwittbold54d ago

I didn't see a PC demo on Steam, but I played the PS5 demo and glad I did because definitely not going to buy this game. Game did not feel refined and battle system was bit wonky for my taste. The graphics and textures are also pretty awful even for a PS4 level game. I'll throw my money at Ninja Gaiden Master collection instead.

djl348554d ago

The gameplay feels great and you must be blind if you think the graphics and textures are awful.

spwittbold54d ago

@Djil3485 Or maybe I just have standards.

TheEspiownage54d ago

Yea, sorry, the “all platforms” part was an oversight. It’s just Xbox and PlayStation. I would edit it if I could.

masterfox54d ago

had to say is a pretty solid and satisfying demo, a bit of a learning curve but overall pretty fun when you pull out correctly the combo, also the soundtrack is great, I was worried it was going to be another anime cute girl hack and slash game, but glad is not one of those.