The 10 Best Delayed Games That Were Worth the Wait

From Xfire: "Video game delays are nothing new. It's happened many times in the past already and it will continue happening in the future. Sometimes, things happen outside of a studio's control. Even if a game's development is going smoothly, the makers might feel that a game needs some extra time baking in the proverbial oven, which is why it gets pushed back or delayed.

Although the verdict is still out on the likes of Deathloop and Halo Infinite, one thing that we can be sure of is that the delayed games we listed below were well worth the wait."

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DarthMarvin54d ago

Diablo 3? Are they joking? It got delayed so Blizzard could add in real money auction houses.

XboxCore54d ago

Yeah I agree with you DarthMarvin, D3 was never really worth the wait. I guess that is the authors opinion lol. I really can't wait for Dibalo 2 resurrected to launch, going to sink some hours into that for sure.

Sunny1234553d ago

I wouldn't say diablo 3 wasn't worth the wait. It was a great game, granted the reasoning for delay was the Mt's, but a great game nonetheless. I never spend a penny on Mt still had top notch builds, lol item scumming ftw. I can't wait for diablo 2 resurrected as well, one of the best games of my childhood.

DarthMarvin53d ago

@Sunny It wasn't great at all. I played it for an hour and was bored beyond belief. It was an empty shell compared to Diablo 2 and one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history.

Sunny1234552d ago


You played an rpg for "an hour"and then judge it? Honestly you gave up too soon!
True game opens up once you are done with the first playthrough. I had a lot of fun in it, granted I played with friends, and made builds that could walk us through torment 7-8 easily. You should have given it more time

Vits53d ago

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Final Fantasy XV.

I'm not so sure that I agree with those. The first is indeed very well regarded, but one of the reasons as to why it was delayed. Was to remove the Gamepad features in order to make it play better on the Switch. And as such it made the Wii U version worse and arguable the game as whole might have lost something with that change. While the second is a incomplete game that took way too long to be released and have one of the worst world buildings in the series. It might be better than Versus would be. But as it is I feel it was not delayed enough.

Epicor52d ago

BotW was/is an masterpiece so the delay was easily justified. Of course the delay was a bit extreme but the Switch version of that game is in many people's opinion in contest for a "game of a decade" title. Not quite that good in my opinion but still easily the best game on any Nintendo system in years.

FFXV: Haven't played enough to give my definite judgement but based on my progress so far and what I've heard of the game, it's a solid FF entry. Not bad, not amazing. Worth the wait? Not sure. It was delayed so much. On the other hand I'm pretty satisfied with the way the game turned out as it went through a development hell and often those type of games will be total disasters.

Vits52d ago

I don't think the fact that BotW is a "masterpiece" justify the delay. Especially because as mentioned a lot of it was to kill features that were already implemented, but wouldn't work on the Switch. So as I said the delays may very well had made the game worse and we will never know.

FFXV as mentioned is an incomplete game. It went through development hell and that was the end result. It is not worth the wait and I would argue is to worth to play either. The gameplay loop get extremely repetitive the more you advance and as mentioned the world building is just bad. A lot of character development is behind DLC and some of those got cancelled. And the true ending of the story is in the form of a separated $25 novel.

AfricanWoolf53d ago

Final Fantasy XV, Diablo 3? Was this written by a micro transaction?

CosmicTurtle53d ago

I quite like FFXV it has its rough spots but it also has many charming moments.

I don’t get the appeal of Diablo it feels like a clicker game to me. But each to their own.

zumlauf1453d ago

diablo 3 and KH3? Is this a troll article?

WillyC00952d ago

Yeah....I don’t agree with most of this list. But to each their own I guess.