Crackdown team wanted 200 achievements

Crackdown was originally set to feature 200 unlockable achievements, but Microsoft wouldn't allow it, according to an MTV report.

The website reports that the Real Time Worlds team planned for 200 and asked Microsoft to raise the cap.

"They were only allowing 50, and we were saying, 'Oh, that's going to cripple us,'" RTW's David Jones explained. "Eventually they announced they were going to a higher number." That number was 80, which Jones says is Microsoft's new maximum.

However, early reports suggest Crackdown will only offer 43 achievements, for a total of 900 gamerpoints - with the additional 100 that make up the boxed game's obligatory 1000 due to follow in free downloadable content.

Either way, the emphasis was on rewarding the player - with the developers even programming the clouds to do interesting things so that players who had scaled the half-mile-high agency building had something to enjoy

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calderra4908d ago

Who the hell wants to collect 200 achievements that would only be worth ~5 points apiece? That sucks.

Gimme 20 points for finishing campain, and (bla). 40 is more than enough. And 50 is more than enough. 80? Insane.

dantesparda4908d ago (Edited 4908d ago )

Im with you, its to many achievements and too little score

InMyOpinion4908d ago

It would prolong the gaming experience as well as it would serve as a boot in the face to all gamerscore-whores out there.

hells henchman4908d ago

gimme all the achievements i can get! gives games soo much more replay value.

PS360PCROCKS4908d ago

i think it would have been soo cool

RedSoakedSponge4908d ago

yeah ida loved that. would of made crackdown even more original than it already is. unlucky :(