Halo Infinite Should Be Master Chief's Last Outing

Master Chief is synonymous with the Halo franchise, and even one of the most iconic video game characters, but it's time for him to retire.

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BandarHub55d ago

"In fact, it could quite literally be Master Chief going MIA, the UNSC collectively agreeing to let him live out his days on a Halo ring after saving humanity over and over again."
.....what in the actual....?

Gaming journalism at its finest

VenomUK54d ago

When 343i reduced the Master Chief’s role in Halo 5 it wasn’t received well, I think they now know that he should remain the hero of the franchise.

54d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago


Wasn't Halo 3 was supposed to be his last outing? "Finish the fight." ODST and Reach showed that Halo works well with and without Master Chief. 343i are just incompetent.

There's nothing wrong with not wanting something to be dragged out. Let the Chief rest.

DJStotty53d ago

Halo without master chief, is just not Halo.

gamer780454d ago

Yup, let’s retire Mario and Kratos while we are at it…. Makes no sense

NeoGamer23254d ago

Ya, there are certain iconic characters that define their games. Master Chief is Halo's iconic character.

The series needs to become less reliant on him, maybe, but, Master Chief should be there for a while.

warriorcase53d ago

Master Chief being left on an artificial ring world sitting atop an ancient alien artifact and being abandoned could quiet possibly be the worst ending for the character. What a horrid idea

343_Guilty_Spark53d ago


If you had actually played Halo 3, you'd know the original trilogy was left on a cliff hanger....and was set up for Halo 4.

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darthv7255d ago

Rumor has it that this will be his last hurrah.

1Victor54d ago

Sure it’s going to be master chief last outing and also rumor has it that Mario is finally going to kill bowser and all his minions with a nuke on the next game live happily ever after and in the end he was telling his grandchildren’s a bed stories of his youth.

Flawlessmic54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Nope master chief is halo.

No one wants to play as anyone else well not me anyway!

Lexreborn254d ago

Give it 20-30 years or so and no one will give two shits who is the lead of Halo 12. By that time you will probably be to to old to even care or not even be the target audience anymore.

Flawlessmic54d ago

Lol 20-30 years id probs agree, i wasnt really thinking that far ahead.

I mean thats what it would take for fans to move on, a fan base that didnt have master chief in their child hood.

Lexreborn254d ago

Lol you be surprised how fast 20-30 years go man. I thought my kids would love everything I grew up on, they give NO shits about my favorites are or do.

I sat back like... this characters existence will die with my generation. And the future of the character will see them completely different. It’s wild how much we hold onto these characters and in the end, companies just waiting for our generations

NeoGamer23254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

If you think about master chief he is not really a person per se. He is just more the constant lead character of Halo games. His real name is John-117. If they put David-228 in and called him master chief I doubt anyone would care.

It is more the role then the name of the person in the game.

DJStotty53d ago


Every Halo fan knows Halo without master chief, is just another game that uses the title to sell.

Reach and ODST are clear evidence of this

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Yi-Long54d ago

Actually, I’d rather have a character creator so I can design my own cool avatar.
Master Chief has never appealed to me as a character, cause it’s basically just a green helmet. Just very ‘bland’, design & personality wise.

Compare it to Sam Gideon, in Vanguish, and there’s someone interesting behind the helmet, which also comes back into dialogue and tiny mannerisms (the cigarette flick).

chronoforce54d ago

People seemed to like Reach, ODST and halo 2. I think most Halo fans would be fine with not playing as the Chief for a while.

CorndogBurglar54d ago

ODST and Reach were both great games and neither of them had Master Chief.

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talocaca54d ago

Craig should be the new main character 😍

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago

Unfortunately, Craig suffered blunt force trauma to the head and was left dead near the bottom of an elevator. Thoughts and prayers for Craig (forever gone ... but never forgotten), and death to the UNSC

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