No Service Will Ever Be As Good As Renting Games At Blockbuster

There may not be any game subscription service like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Now that will ever be able to capture the magic of a Friday night trip to Blockbuster.

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LordoftheCritics495d ago

Nope I'm good. I like the interwebs.

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lodossrage495d ago

In terms of nostalgia, I understand where the author is coming from on this.

But unfortunately, the way technology is now, the fun of going to a store to rent something, going to arcades, etc are rendered obsolete.

As we get older, we start to understand how our parents felt when they say stuff like "back in my day" a lot better.

Vegamyster494d ago

We had a large bar/arcade open up here a few years ago and it's great, place was always packed when we went and for $20-$30 you can have a great time for 3 hours. Blockbusters on the other hand is different, unless you liked going through a host of older movies or games and picked up snacks on the way out there wasn't a reason to go there more than once a month, it's like going through Netflix ect and skipping through 99% of the content because you've either seen it or don't care.

FinalFantasyFanatic494d ago

We used to go once a week or fortnight ad rent a few movies, great times.

ps360s493d ago

Me and my cousin goes every week! Spent hours in there, its much more exciting going down to your local Blockbusters and look for movies to rent then sitting on the couch and looking for something to watch thru Netflix

Aussiesummer494d ago

Um That's exactly what the article is about.

Freshnikes493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

We use to go to the arcade to hang out and talk to girls ( ppl would put their best stuff on to impress ) it was more then just going to the arcade to game. It was an event. ( now just take some selfies and put it on ig ) lol

CorndogBurglar493d ago

I agree with rental places, but arcades could still be awesome. They are definiteky still a thing in Japan. Whats weird is here in the U.S. the only arcades nowadays just have some driving games and light gun games. I really miss the days of fighting games in the arcades. When they were in their hay day, those were some of my best gaming memories. Street Fighter 2. The first time I laid eyes on Mortal Kombat and saw Kano rip someone's heart out. All the Marvel vs. Games, especially MvC2. Putting hour quarter up on the screen to mark your place in line.

Man, good times. I really wish I knew why it stopped being a thing here, but not in other countries.

calactyte493d ago

I signed in just to agree with you. Some of my best memories were crowded around Mortal Kombat, MK2, SF2 and Killer Instinct in a dark arcade. It was so awesome.

NeoGamer232493d ago

I don't think that this is unfortunate. This is more about evolution and change more then anything. To me, things change, and if people don't change then that is their choice. As things change it requires our brain to adapt. If we refuse to adapt, we become stagnant, and the more stagnant we are the more likely we are to develop Dementia and Alzheimer's.

Last week I was talking to my retired parents about switching them over to movie / channel streaming services. They couldn't wrap their head around not needing a TV Guide to time slot things that were on TV. It was just too much to comprehend that they could watch whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They were so used to turning on news sharply at 6PM, 8 PM some sitcom they watched, etc.

It is the same with the evolution rentals. People that evolve to the change, just move on, but there are people that can't wrap their heads around it and need the things that used to happen. But, over time they will adapt and in 5-10 years people will have mostly forgotten.

4Sh0w493d ago

Agreed, nostalgia is one thing but you can't beat the convenience & availability of Gamepass or most other DD services.

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masterfox494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

yeah I miss the iconic smell / odor those video rental stores had lol, I wonder why there were always carpet placed in video stores, nonetheless pretty sure the carpet unclean give them that iconic smell, really can't describe it you have to feel it smell it for yourself :D

Sunny_D493d ago

Lmao. It’s so funny I couldn’t describe to you what the smell is but if I was to smell it I would instantly recognize it.

specialguest494d ago

Great memories as a kid in the 90s renting SNES games from Blockbuster. Every Friday after school my father would take my brothers and I there to rent a game. We were a poor family, so renting was a good alternative to getting to play many different games. If it was a game we loved, we would save and combined our allowance to buy it

manaxknight1493d ago

I also had great memories from the 90s(best decade) renting games from movie rental places. I remember if one rental didn't have a game, I'd go to another one that had it. The best memory I got is renting Chrono trigger and killer instinct.

XxINFERNUSxX494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

It was fun. I used to rent PS1 games then burn them on CD-Rs on my PC with a custom label, then play them back on my modded PS1 🙃 Also rented DVD's and Blu-rays and also did the same, I got more than my $$ worth 😁

Amplitude494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

@InUrFoxHole lol why do you think he didn't? It cant have been that uncommon. We used to have a modded PS1 back in the day and we used to do this all the time when i was a little kid. I actually came across the binder full of like 100+ burned PS1 games when i was cleaning up a few weeks ago. Used to buy CD labels and print trash low-dpi copies from the internet to stick to them. Looked legit enough lol

Not gonna lie - i have no idea where the mod chip came from. Pretty sure my dad got it somehow. I'll call and ask him tomorrow lol but yeah i'd assume this was pretty common.

bradfh494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

back then i didnt even use a mod, just put good cd in until start up then switch to fake cd. also i just used mIRC to download.
I also had a black box tv descrambler for my tv, watch lots of Wrestling ppv shows and movies and xxx stuff parents wasnt home, parents bought the box.
I was a kid so I didnt knew any better, I buy all my stuff today.

InUrFoxHole494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Because I have ESPN!

Truly I only commented because a handful of people clicked disagree but didn't indicate why they disagreed.

buffig494d ago

Hahaha loads of people did this. I did this. All my friends did this. Little spring placed on the cd closed button to dupe it into thinking the lid was closed, then swap the disc out

ScootaKuH493d ago

Why didn't he?

I used to rent snes games from Blockbuster back in the 90s and I used to copy them onto floppy using my Pro Fighter, so XxInfernusxX story really isn't so unbelievable.

calactyte493d ago

I'm not proud of it, but I bought a PS1 mod chip and legit would rent games and not even play them, just burn them to disc so my modded PS1 could play them. Worked perfectly. Parasite Eve was the first game I ever successfully burned. Back then we only had like a 2X CD-ROM speed so it was really slow burning a 650MB-700MB game. I remember being confident with chipping my own systems after that experience so I tried and accidentally killed my Xbox (original) about 2 years into owning it.

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CS7493d ago


mIRC! I remember that… Wow, what a throwback!! Those were the days!

XxINFERNUSxX493d ago

Exactly Axecution. @InUrFoxHole I did, me and my friend did the mod together. Now for dvds and blu rays I was using dvd fab, which I believe, first came out in 2011. After that, I'm using MakeMKV and still use sometimes to this day. 😁