Scrambling for Mass Effect Scraps

BioWare has dropped some Mass Effect scraps for the salivating Xbox 360 gamers all over the world. On the game´s official website they have released some information on a race called the quarians.

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Maverick4908d ago

And play like all other 360 games. Lacklustre!
I own a 360, my expectations are never met with the 360's games.
Look at Gear of War,it has a great story,excellent graphics(a bit dull though),good playability but no depth.Duck and shoot anybody.

Silver Bull3t4908d ago

Nice try,... I'm sure you'll get someone to bite though.

DrJones4908d ago

This a epic rpg made of Bioware, the greatest game company in the world, in my opinion. Not a duck and shoot action game like gears, so rest assured there WILL be depth in this! The story is central in the Bioware games.. ever played Knights of the old republic?

Optimus Prime4908d ago

just be quiet. this is probably gunna be one of the top games for GOTY. guaranteed. this game is going to be amazing. try playing more than just gears campaign. loser.