9 Minutes Of New Far Cry 6 Gameplay

Gamespot : In this slice of Far Cry 6 gameplay we get to see a little of what we can expect when the game releases later in 2021. Highlights of course being good wee pals of the scaly and furry variety.

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Ninver109d ago

Nothing next gen about this at all. Hard pass.

BenRC01109d ago

Loiks way more interesing than hzd 2 to me. Graphically not as good but looks way more interesting.

Jin_Sakai109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Why take shots at at Horizon: Forbidden West? This has nothing to do with that game.

I agree that the game doesn’t look that great. Nothing really stands out. I stopped caring after Far Cry 3.

LucasRuinedChildhood109d ago

What in particular looked very interesting for you?

Ninver109d ago

You owe me a coffee mate

CaptainHenry916108d ago

It definitely looks better than that Halo Infinite demo

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RaidenBlack109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Looks iteratively better than FC5. And its also a cross-gen game.

Palitera109d ago

Does it need to be "next gen" to be good?

To me, the over-the-top aspect is a great selling point. But it's a discount / bargain bin too... Really looks like a very fun mod.

108d ago
waverider108d ago

Its not next gen. Its a cross gen... Maybe in two years they do the jump. But this year. Nothing 3rd party is next gen. Maybe not even next year.

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isarai109d ago

Eh, just looks like FC3 modded again, just like the last 5 games

BioShockGX109d ago

Getting it in a sale. Not worth full price.

Yi-Long109d ago

Same, but not because the game doesn’t look good to me (I know I’ll enjoy Far Cry, and this looks better than ever), but because there’s already an expensive Season Pass announced, and I’ll never pay more than 50-60 bucks for a game if it’s not ‘complete’.

Game looks awesome (to me) but I’ll wait for an affordable Complete release.

109d ago
yoshatabi109d ago

They really need to give up on this series

Yi-Long109d ago

Why? Personally I enjoy how it gives you a huge open sandbox to enjoy, where it drops you in and you slowly move your way through the story and region becoming an evergrowing pest to the bad guys, giving you freedom on how to approach this war, slowly growing your abilities to give you more cool options, etc.

Clearing outposts have been among some of my favourite moments in gaming.

This world looks prettier than ever, there’s a big city in there which is kinda new for the series, and hopefully they can bring back some physics from FC2.

As far as open world action/shooters go, we know what to expect, true, but that also means that if they don’t mess up, I know I can expect just having FUN with this.

TheGreatGazoo30109d ago

Far Cry is my favorite Ubisoft franchise, just ahead of AC. Can't wait for this and it looks great.

NeoGamer232108d ago

Agreed. Ubisoft may not be a great innovator but their games ship with very few bugs, their environments are great, their gameplay is solid and the Far Cry games are fun. And you know what to expect from Ubisoft games. There is no hit and miss they deliver a consistent and solid experience every time.

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The story is too old to be commented.