Zelda: Skyward Sword HD gets another batch of screenshots

Nintendo has shared another batch of screenshots from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

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FinalFantasyFanatic187d ago

I kinda expected that, the Wii wasn't exactly a power house back in the day, it should really cost alot less since it's a pretty basic port (maybe half the price of a full game?).

Sciurus_vulgaris187d ago

Charging full price for a HD port of an old game. Plus, locking features behind a toy. Sony or Microsoft couldn’t get away with charging full-price for an old game from two generation ago.

strayanalog187d ago

Right you are. But there's two things to take away on Nintendo games and their head-tilting business practices.
1. More often than not, their games tend to hold their value for longer because - whether anyone admits it or not - they do develop good video games and someone is always a fan of one version or another of a franchise.
2. The most forgotten thing is that Nintendo turned into an "and" console some time ago. So because of that their userbase fluctuates between people who have played and those who haven't: be it a kid is introduced to a Nintendo game for the first time or older gamers buying a Nintendo console with their other console/PC preference.

As for Sony and Microsoft (or Nintendo for that matter), until backwards compatibility becomes a more acceptable part of the console echosystem than what many consider a useless feature, paywall services for older titles will actually cost a user more than the retail price over time, the preowned market will continue to charge an arm and a leg or your sister for a game, and remakes/remasters like this one will continue to be a easy buck for a slump quarter. And for anyone inbetween, there's the salty seas of piracy.

nommers186d ago

"their games tend to hold their value for longer"

20 or so years ago with a few exceptions in present day I agree, but they have been coasting with a lot of the same game designs since then. They're good at creating new mechanics for their long running franchises, but they still end up feeling too similar to past games. Most of the base ideas for mario and zelda games still remain the same and unchanged; that's not a bad thing but I don't think it's something that should be praised either if they do a few new things here and there but get away largely with making pretty much the same games over and over again. They're not as bad as some other companies, no, but they aren't doing THAT much either. They unlike a lot of other developers also get free passes on double edged game designs that are controversial. The reviewers always tip towards anything they do that's creative and new to be positive, regardless if it is or not.

strayanalog186d ago

Agreed. And I do agree that Nintendo has rested on their laurels with their designs. No doubt. I would actually argue that most developers are guilty of the blessing and curse of familiarity, but that comes with franchises. Without the familiar then you risk hurting your fanbase and without the risk of new there's no reward for the player. It's definitely a tight rope.

Sciurus_vulgaris186d ago

Nintendo games aren’t “premium” games, none of Nintendo’s products are. You could even argue that reviewers are often less critical Nintendo games. Also, Nintendo games hold value because they almost never get price drops.

septemberindecember186d ago

Square-Enix got away with it with FFXII Zodiac edition. Well, I guess it was $50, but still. I agree though, this shouldn't be $60, which is why I'm sticking with my Wii copy instead of upgrading.