MTX Really are the Worst, Resident Evil Village Proves It

Microtransactions have been around for years now, ever since Oblivion’s infamous Horse Armor in 2006. They’re so normal now that it's becoming a little difficult to remember how games were before they arrived. It's easy to forget how much they take away from the experience, so Resident Evil Village is an important reminder of what extra content in games should be like.

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Flawlessmic58d ago

They couldve worded the title a bit better, makes it sounds like resi 8 has terrible mtx.

But tottally agree with the article mtx will be the death of real gaming, not mention i miss actually unlocking stuff for playing the game.

For me fighting games have been the real big loser in this regard as i remember playing the older fighting games like tekken and u know actually having to play to unlock fighter which gave the game plenty of replaybility, thats gone now, now i gotta pay for character packs.

GottaBjimmyb58d ago

l be honest. MTX are a god send IMO as long az they are cosmetic or don't affect gameplay. I never buy them and it has basically rendered $15 dlc maps obselete. So free content updates for free for me. Saves me money. In SP games it is a it more annoying.

NeoGamer23258d ago

It really depends on the game genre. I agree with @Flawessmic that mtx have made fighting games pretty stupid. You are essentially buying a game engine with a few fighters and then end up buying mtx to get a decent mix of characters.

As for shooter games that have MP maps, I agree with you that cosmetic mtx are way better then $15 map packs.

I just believe that if you are buying a full priced game you should get a full experience. Sure they may expand the game and add stuff, but people that pay $70 up front for near day one purchases should be rewarded. The currently method penalizes them though. Pay $70 up front, the game still has significant bugs, and you have to buy mtx for the expansions / cosmetic additions to the game. WOW! That is really encouraging..... Or I can wait 6 months, the bugs are worked out and they give me a "complete" version of the game for half the price.... Hmmmmmm. I wonder which is the smart choice.

badz14957d ago

cosmetic is a godsend mtx to you? clearly, you're too young to remember how cosmetics/skins/customizations /cheats have been included for free in games long ago for free, you just have to play the games to unlock them or do specific tasks in the games to unlock them for FREE. nowadays, there are so many games coming out so barebone off the free customizations and the only way to get them are through DLC and MTX which is FAR from godsend like you're claiming here!

BlackDoomAx57d ago

In order for you to play these content for free, there is a whale spending thousands of dollars, or an addicted spending his money because he can't stop, or a child using his parent's credit card because he doesn't know it is wrong. Sure it's cool for you, but it's not cool for all these people.

esherwood57d ago

As soon as I can no longer pay a set amount for a game I’m finding a mew hobby. I’m fine if they increase the prices on games but having games designed around getting me to spend more money or having infinite economies where u can never own everything will ruin gaming for me. Wish people would stop supporting that crap

Outlawzz58d ago

The title is completely opposite of the point being made lol

Futureshark58d ago

They could have so easily made The Mercenaries as DLC, well done Capcom for going old school and sticking to 'unlockables' instead.

badz14957d ago

free unlockables should make a comeback to games ASAP! now that they are so ready to increase games prices, it would be very VERY disappointing if they still wanna suck gamers dry with DLC and MTX!

sourOG58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Edit: I read that wrong lmao. I agree

Mr_Luke58d ago

Wow, reading that headline i thought: "Wait... i didn't see any microtransation in RE8 :/" then i understood :P

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