Why Sonic Colors is One of the Best Modern Sonic Games

Sonic Colors is getting its long-requested remaster, and it's worth taking a look at why the game stands out so much from other modern Sonic titles.

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ZeekQuattro146d ago

I never did beat this game but I did enjoy what I played. I might pick this up again.

-Foxtrot145d ago

Sonic Generations was far superior, I never got the love for Colours, it just felt as gimmick like as Secret Rings, Unleashed and the Black Knight

I think those games left such a bad taste in peoples mouths that this was just more of a step forward.

Good-Smurf145d ago

I liked Colors loved its lighter dreamy style.
I tried to like Generations but the game opened up too early and I ended up spoiled for choices.

gleepot145d ago

It's very easy to be the top when the bar couldn't be lower. 3D Sonic games have never, ever been anywhere near good.

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