Our Email Interview With Guilty Gear Strive Developers Is More Hell Than Heaven; A Bad Interview

While effects of COVID-19 on the video game industry run deep, another casualty of the pandemic are in-person interviews. This interview is a prime example.

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TGG_overlord111d ago

Welcome to the club...I know exactly what you mean, hell, there was even this one interview that I did that turned out so bad that we couldn't even publish it...And just the other week, I experienced just EXACTLY what you described with this interview...

On a personal level, it seems like the COVID-19 circus has taken out its right on devs and publishers all over the world, because they seem to be both worn out and extremely frustrated.

azariosays111d ago

I think the lack of events makes it really hard for smaller sites to stand out too. Can't wait for PAX West! Let's gooooo

TGG_overlord111d ago

It does, and pretty much all events has been shut down in my region...