Resident Evil 5 - Shanty Town gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published another new gameplay video from Resident Evil 5 demo. Enjoy !

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drdistracto7073602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

this is one of those, HOLY SH!T, OMG, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!! kind of games

Bravo Capcom, and please bring the demo to psn

Doppy3602d ago

I love the Resident Evil games, but I wish they had more accessible gameplay they need to update some of the gameplay mechanics from 2 generations ago to NOW, or at least last gen (this would help draw in a larger crowd).

Anywho, I love RE so can't wait to play true co-op for the first time.

Neoninja3602d ago

Wow. Sucks for Chris at the end, but can't wait for this one. Just wow.

snipermk03602d ago

The game feels its lacking violence or pace. The infected look too lazy and even when they reach up to Chris, they take like forever to swing the weapon at him.

Baba19063602d ago

looks really really good. the game has offline splitscreen doesnt it?

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The story is too old to be commented.