Xbox Series X|S Purchase Pilot: Re-Opening on Tuesday. Extending and Expanding With More Inventory


It is with excitement that we share the decision today to extend and expand this console purchase pilot into another wave, beginning Tuesday, June 1st at 11:00 AM Pacific. We've allocated an additional batch of incoming console inventory, enough to re-open flight registrations in the Xbox Insider Hub.

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Highrevz662d ago

It’s a great idea to put consoles in the hands of existing owners but I hope this system doesn’t cause an influx of people joining the insiders program 🙈 there’s already enough idiots that don’t know what they are signing up for.

anast662d ago

Sad...They need a million gimmicks to sell a million and 1 consoles. It all just seems like a waste of talent and resources.

Nerdsworth662d ago

Um... they're using this system to test hindering scalpers. WTF are you talking about?

x_xavier_x661d ago

Microsoft's purchase program is not a gimmick. They are simply trying to get their console into the hands of their consumers instead of scalpers and resellers..

Its's not as if they are sitting on millions of unsold consoles and desperate to unload them. The reality is that they can't produce enough units to satisfy the demand.

Orchard661d ago

Sorry, but what are you even talking about?

This is a great program to get more consoles in the hands of actual gamers and not scalpers - and Sony have done the same for PS+ subscribers in the past.