A Look At Every Ninja Gaiden Game Throughout the Years

Ninja Gaiden games have a huge legacy - unknown to even its biggest fans! We're taking a deep dive on every single Ninja Gaiden game released since 1988.

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TheOptimist617d ago

Man I can't wait for the NG trilogy.

Hope that Team Ninja makes NG4 in the veins of NG1/2.

Ninja Gaiden, if it can have the technical ambition it had back then, will be one of the handful games I would pay 60$ for.

FreeckyCake617d ago

Hopefully, the Master Collection does well so we can see the franchise making the comeback it deserves!

ApocalypseShadow617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

I'd love souped up versions of the 2D NES games. With full screen, higher quality of the story cinemas and remastered, stereo music. The beginning of 2 is still a classic.

Kind of like how 2D Strider(PS4) and Bionic Commando(PS3) were updated.

Z501617d ago

Ninja Gaiden games all got easier.